June 30th, 2006

  • evoh

commuting by transit

Hello Seattle!

Me and a couple friends will be coming down to seattle this weekend by greyhound.
our hotel is 0.1mile away from seatac airport. because we do not have access to a car, we fully rely on transit. I just have a couple questions:

Are the arrival/departure times accurate? how late do buses run to sea tac?

Are there many buses accessible to/from seatac? if so, do they go to bellevue square, alderwood mall, or downtown seattle? what buses do i take and how long would it take?

I tried looking at the trip planner for alderwood mall but it did not show any results.
Is the monorail worth riding?

and finally, what is the best mall in your opinion, alderwood mall or bellevue square?
or is there another mall in downtown seattle?

sorry for the numerous questions, i appreciate all of your help!
Disbelief, anger

I was almost killed on my way to work.

A blue Honda with out of state plates (I think-they were white with a green emblem) started entering my lane and I had to SLAM on my brakes and honk my horn to alert her that she was getting ready to drive into me. I couldn't swerve because a car was basically in the same position comparative to me that I was to the Honda. Well, I almost lost control of the car. I did what you see in movies right before a car slams into a guard rail or something: I swerved back and forth in the lane. I regained control, but DAMN I was so close to having a multi car accident. And the thing that really pisses me off is that these two BITCHES in this car were LAUGHING when I passed them a few seconds later.

I mean, if you're going to try to kill people at 5:30 am, at least have the courtesy to NOT laugh about it. The driver obviously didn't look before she started to change lanes (or she wouldn't have) so I have no doubt she is oblivious to how close she came to making me lose control of my car and wreck (probably into her.)

I was shaking the rest of the way downtown.

Oh, this happened on the express lanes north of downtown, heading south right at the Lake City Way on/off ramp. If the driver is reading this: Look before you change lanes!!!
You talking to me!!!

Auto-Windshield Repair

OK.. I checked memories but they are from 2003

Does anyone know of a place that I can have a windshield replaced TODAY that wont rip me off.

So far these are the rates I have gotten

Speedy 207.00 Plus Tax

All Star 246 inclduing tax and 12 brown bear car washes

Evergreen auto glass 276.00

None of them can do it today or Mobil service.

Roommate needed

Hi all-- brief request. I'm looking for a roommate to share a 3-bedroom house (with one other girl already living here) in Kirkland. If anyone is looking for a place, the house is great, we need a female roommate with no pets and no indoor smoking for $450/month including utilities. Best!

(no subject)

I'm looking for cheap moving labor.  Some cities have areas, where people gather waiting for general work.  You can usually get someone to help out with miscellaneous projects on a very short notice for much less money than organized companies charge.  I saw the post on moving companies in the memories section, but what I'm looking for is just a couple hands, preferably with a pick-up truck.  Are there any areas in seattle that have something similar?

Water park?

On the bus today, I overheard a girl telling someone else about a (new?) water park in Seattle. It wasn't Wild Waves and it sounded much smaller than that, but she was comparing it to Wild Waves. She said it had "a few water slides and everything!" She said it was $5 for 3 hours, which she thought was a great deal. I'm not sure if I heard her right (what kind of water park limits your hours?). She may have been describing some kind of water slides at a larger attraction or park, but she said it was in Seattle, so I know she doesn't mean the waterslide place in Chelan or Bellingham or anything. Does anyone have any idea what she may have been talking about?
Dark Moon

(no subject)

Got this via e-mail today:

Consolidated Works is disappointed to announce that it will not renew its lease at 500 Boren Avenue North, the space it has used for the last five years. The organization has begun a search for new accommodations.

Allena Gabosch, President of ConWorks, said, "We have been very fortunate to have access to an incredible warehouse space for five years, and we have done some amazing things here. However, in order to renew our lease, seismic improvements to the building are required by the City, and even after those improvements, our landlord will require a nine-month exit clause to permit it to develop our South Lake Union lot if an opportunity arises." She added, "This combination makes renewal of the lease not financially sensible for us. We had hoped an arrangement would be possible, but it has become clear that will not come to pass. We have no ill-feelings for the City or our landlord; this is just an unfortunate reality that comes with our space."

The lease on the current ConWorks space ends on September 30, 2006, but ConWorks plans to vacate by July 31, 2006. Gabosch explained, "We are not able to schedule programming without a space to host it, and it would consume valuable resources to keep the doors open any longer than necessary."

In true ConWorks fashion, the organization will host a party over the final weekend of July 2006 to celebrate all of the great art, great friendships, and great times that have been enjoyed at 500 Boren Avenue North. The board and staff will provide more news soon.