June 29th, 2006


Why Seattle driving isn't so bad

Sure we all love to rip on Seattle drivers and the local traffic planning, but after a road trip around the country, I can confidently say that Seattle is far from the worst place to drive.

  - Californian drivers seem to use driving as an excuse to show off their reckless dominance of everyone around them.
  - In Houston, the lane width to car size ratio is alarmingly small, and there is certainly no discernible increase in cautiousness to compensate.
  - In Atlanta, no one signals because if you signal a merge, people will lurch forward to not allow you in.
  - In Washington DC traffic is so bad I haven't seen worse ever, other than perhaps Bangkok in rush hour.
  - NYC actually trains you out of obeying traffic laws such as: yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, don't park in the middle of the road, those lines on the street are the lanes, etc. Plus, see complaint about California.
  - Pennsylvania's highways don't have on ramps or acceleration lanes, they have yield signs. This means you get lines of cars waiting for an opportunity to jump into (and seriously slow down) turnpike traffic from stopped.
  - Ohio: no, they aren't tailgating because they want to go faster than you, that's just how they drive.
  - Chicago gets something like three months out of the year to do construction so if you have the misfortune of driving there while the weather is nice, expect copious, complex and poorly denoted detours.

All that said, upon entering Washington (albeit eastern - but the phenomenon is throughout) there was a marked increase in the number of cars in the left lane compared to the right lane (suddenly five to one). Granted, population helps that effect, but really, use the left lane to pass, not creep by at 1-2 mph faster than the car you're "passing". And in Seattle one notices drivers have a tendency to be overly polite - but only when convenient and/or illegal (infinite 4-way stop scenario). Those are certainly reason for complaint. But be assured, Seattle is not the worst.

Neko Case tickets

So Neko is playing at the Moore on Saturday and the person coming with me took too long to buy her tickets. So, the show is sold out but I have a ticket. I'm willing to part with it for $30, though I spent $38 with fees. Let me know if you want em!

(Alternatively if someone wants to part with one for my friend, that'd be cool too)

male dvi to male dvi cable needed

My new monitor arrived today sans a dvi cable. Amazon said it will have one but all the reviews said it didnt so I figured I would take my chances.

So without have to drive to Fry's where in this great town of ours can I acquire a male dvi to male dvi monitor cable?

Will the officemax/staples variety be able to help me? (Ive never looked for hardware there)

thanks in advance
stop collaborate and listen

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I looked in the memories and found good places to JOG but not good places to HIKE. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good of any good places to hike. Not a very big hike or one that will take all day. Just a light hike. Preferrably more north then south.
night porter

Dear Seattle

Now that the days are warm I know that we are all tempted to show more skin. And yes, you all spend 10 months out of the year bundled up against the cold and the rain so summer clothing must be very new and confusing for you. But here are a few words of advice to the Seattleite in summer.

1. Tube tops are not to be worn with a bra in any form other than strapless. The same thing goes for backless shirts. If you tits are so huge that you must use straps then tube tops and backless shirts are not for you, suck it up and wear a t shirt.
2. Tube tops are not to be made in a size larger than Medium, or 6, maybe a particularly well toned 8. Anything larger than that must be pulled off the racks and burned.
3. White shirts MUST be worn with a nude colored bra or no bra. Bra shadow is unforgivable but nipple shadow is ok, unless you have dinner plates.
3. Men + sandals = no. Never, this is non negotiable.
4. Ladies + sandals, flip flops are for the beach and the beach alone they are not to be worn into the city under any circumstance. As soon as you leave the sand you must change into normal shoes. And all sandals must be worn with freshly scrubbed feet and trimmed toenails.
5. Bare feet. Do I even need to go into this, how fucking gross is that?
6. Those tiny nylon shorts that my dad sometimes wears. These were made as a joke by REI on old men, do not indulge them, do not horrify the rest of us.
7. Your tattoo more than likely is hideous, cover it. The cute tree on the back of your neck really looks like an X-Files-esque blood infection from any distance more than 8 inches away and I know you LOVE ICP but you don't need to display what an asshole you are in such a permanent manner right on your arm.
8. Deodorant.
9. Sunblock, you look like a roast ham without it.

Please feel free to add anything to this list.

hair styling and makeup

Can anyone recommend a spa or hairsylist or some place to go to get my hair and makeup done on the day of my wedding? Personal recommendations are best but even general recommendations are helpful. I checked memories but to no avail. thanks!

Where to find Petites or small & wide shoes

Okay, I am really desperate here. I need petite clothes as well as 5.5 wide shoes (possibly D width).
Aside from department stores & petite sophisticate..where can I go? It'd be nice to get non-frumpy clothes as the petites are usually geared towards older women for some dumb reason.

Nordies stopped carrying my shoe size as well :@

At this point I'm willing to drive a few hours (Portland is always fun to visit too). Money is also not an issue, although I prefer affordable. I've resigned to the fact that good shoes are normally around $70 too; I don't have many so that's okay.

Any suggestions?!?!?

(I found a couple of ideas in memories: Ross, The Shoe
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Rental Houses???

Does anyone know of a good place other than the seattle times and craig's list to look for a rental house? I'm looking for one in the Northgate/U-disrtict area that's at least 3 bedrooms and allows pets (1cat 1dog). Thank you!
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(featuring Raymond Watts and Guenter Schulz, ex-KMFDM)
Mindless Faith 
Digital Mindy
with Endless Grey

July 9, 2006 7:30pm
Studio Seven
110 South Horton
Seattle, WA 98101
Advance tickets: 1-800-992-TIXX

The tour will also be in PORTLAND July 10. Portland info here.

More info at:
***Slick cynical lyrics delivered with growling vocals on top of a razor and nail mattress of driving guitars, heavy synths, and aggressive beats to create this industrial-rock accomplishment that no fan of KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Fear Factory, or Static-X should be without.***