June 25th, 2006

True Porn

Alternator Repair (Ford)

[Checked google and memories]

My Ford Contour is having alternator problems. Can you all recommend a good auto shop in the Magnolia/Ballard/Interbay area? Any garages in the area where you've been burned that I should know to avoid? As usual, high quality and low to reasonable cost are what I'm looking for.

lotr/seattle center

pride parade

i'm in the process of uploading 303 photos from the parade downtown today. yeah, my battery ate it after that, and the parade was probably only 2/3 done. i've got about 80 up so far and am going to keep uploading until i'm done (prolly about an hour?). feel free to go have a gander and comment if you desire.

edited with the linkage: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lyracole/

i've hardly used my flickr account before this, so almost EVERYTHING is pride photos.

it is DONE!

thanks for everyone who's checking them out, and feel free to download them if you want (and if flickr does that). sorry so many of them are blurry/cut off at the head/of cars. my camera had a capacity to take 3000 photos, but it's so new i had never tested the battery life before. next year i will bring an extra battery pack or two!

edit 630: flickr seems to've eaten about 90 pics. weird... maybe i'll host them somewhere else. but not right now, my eyes can't handle all this staring right now :P
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they should've moved that shit to Seattle Center years ago. this was much more enjoyable than anything up on Capitol Hill. i bet all of the naysayers will be eating crow for months. Lol.