June 24th, 2006


Movie screening for charity

Join the Seattle Browncoats in raising money for Equality Now!  The movie screening is today in Magnuson Park, doors at 6:00pm.



Lots of raffle prizes!  Here are just a few (tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5):

Nifty theme packs with copies of the Serenity in book/comic/dvd form, action figures, and possibly a Jayne hat!!
Be a Companion pak - tea service, Bow & arrow, Buddha, with a free Kung fu class (women only).
Firefly 101 - See and read Joss's inspirations, Stagecoach dvd, Killer Angels book, bandana and a shiny sheriff badge.
Jayne pak- Vera, Jayne Hat, Jayne figure
Zoe Pak- Shotgun, leather tote bag, and more
Mal pak - 6 shooter, plastic pony & rocket, Mal figure and more
Kaylee pak- Asian jacket, parasol, a sculpture made with longing and more

glass for a table?

Hello, I was wondering where i might find a piece of glass to go on a table. The catch is, it is a round table, so I am guessing it would have to be specially cut. I have no idea where to begin searching for this... (google didn't turn up anything much)... so if you have an idea where one might get a piece of quarter inch-ish glass cut, please share!Thanks in advance!

24 Hour Fitness

Have you been thinking about joining 24 hour fitness? I need one more person to sign up at the Queen Anne location. You can sign up at the Queen Anne location and go to any of the gyms (West Seattle, Downtown). If you go with me and sign up, and your membership goes through, I'll give you $75. Let me know if you are interested. THANKS!

Eastern Washington

So I'm sure the title scared away a few people already...

But I'm looking for fun places to go in Eastern Washington. Activities might/would include: swimming in a lake/pool, camping, ENJOYING THE SUN, boating, sunbathing, hiking, laying in the sun, etc.

So far on my list is Lake Chelan, but it's 4.5 hours FROM SEATTLE. anything closer but on the other side of the mountains would be awesome.

guan gung

neat stuff for sale

Two Numark TTX1s, two Shure cartrigdes, all wires, Numark PPD 01 mixer. All in perfect condition, well cared for, never heavily scratched on. These decks are direct drive with the best torque on the market, on par with the Technics SL-1200. $600 OBO

Looking to sell ASAP because I am moving out of the country. May be looking to partially trade for 1 gig and higher SD cards.


Vegetarian cooking classes

I was wondering if anyone knew any good cooking/desert classes in Seattle this summer? I've been having trouble finding any due to being both a vegetarian and car-less, preventing me from going to all the cool ones I've been finding on the east side of the lake. Anyone have a suggestion?
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I was on the 49 today and three people boarded the bus with two pit bulls. A woman in the back of the bus was yelling at the bus driver to get the dogs off because they were intimidating her and other passengers. The bus driver said it was legal for the pit bulls to be on the bus.

Drum Circle

Water Fight at Alki Beach tomorrow (Sunday)!

The weather is going to be great ALL weekend so I thought a water fight would be a blast if we get a ton of people to come. We now have about 40 that have said their in. Oh...did I mention we're bringing water balloons? There is a faucet there as well

If your in reply to this post saying I'm in and repost it yourself to help us spread the word and make this huge. I've called Kiro News and someone sounded interested and might be stopping by. How cool would that be if we were on the news later that night. When you reply make sure you put "I'm In" plus how many you'll bring with you as well.

All you would have to do is come prepared for a fun water fight and make sure you bring your soaker of choice. We will bring everything except the water guns and yourselves. It's free too!

The teams and rules with be announced at 1:45 and the water fight is at 2:00.
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Help! Where can I rent some fold-up beds, like the ones they have in hotels, for about a week? I have people coming for a visit and I need 2 single beds!

Google isn’t helping me, as searches for “bed rental seattle” yield nothing but links to B&Bs. Cort’s website doesn’t show them and neither does Rent-A-Center’s, or Continental. The Aaron Rents website is down, apparently.

Suggestions? (Hopefully something other than the usual Jameth-mattress remarks.)