June 23rd, 2006


Ride North?

OKAY! I know this is really late notice but... I left my phone behind and didn't realise I could try LJ until just now...

My friend is celebrating her birthday up in the Mount Vernon area... and I really want to go.

Can I catch a ride... know anybody who can help? I am in Tacoma, pretty much on Portland Ave and E 61st Sreet.

Thanx *hugs to all*
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looking for shoes in all the wrong places

Does anyone know where I can buy Volatile sneakers locally? (I'm in the Greenlake area, willing to go to either Lynnwood/Alderwood or Bellevue if neccessary.)

I've checked Nordstrom, Journeys (at Alderwood and Northgate) and the memories for other likely locations to no avail. I can buy them online if it comes down to it, but the sizing is quirky and I'd like to try them on. (Plus, I like the immediate gratification of buying in-store.) Thanks in advance!

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Blah blah okay so ponds/lakes might be gross to some, but I'm looking to go swimming some place in Seattle or the eastside today, seeing as it should be a nice day.

Does anyone have any recommendations on good places to swim outside in our beautiful area?

Any Boeing Engineers here?

I'm looking for advice from any Boeing engineers, hopefully of the mechanical flavor.

I'd like to work for a big engineering company (like Boeing) and I'm looking for someone in the field to look over my resume and make suggestions on how to best target it to those kinds of jobs. I don't have any direct engineering experience (my degree is in physics) so I want some advice on polishing what I've got to best bring out applicable engineering qualifications. Also, any helpful hints about the Boeing hiring process would be great.

If you're willing to help, send me an email to spamisverybad (domain at the end of this line) and I'll dispatch you a copy of my resume. (gmail.com)

Thanks a lot!
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Tennis Anyone?

I've looked through the memories and on the USTA's website, but I'd really like any advice on finding a USTA tennis instructor to have private single or group lessons for cheap. I'd like to find a person who teaches at a local park, Greenlake, for example, where you don't have to pay for a membership to a special club with outrageous dues/fees. Also, information on adults playing tennis in leagues or anything is interesting. I'm a recent college graduate with a 40 hour/week job and am looking to get in shape playing tennis on the weekends...


Hey folks. I wanna hit Georgetown this evening to take some photos. I'm not familiar with the neighborhood (only been there once) and I have some questions you can hopefully answer.

1 - I am bussing it from Cap Hill. At what stop should I get off? Is there a good destination I can put into the Metro Trip Planner that will put me in the middle of the neighborhood?

2 - Are there any particularly cool spots I should check out? I'm looking for interesting industrial sites, grafitti, and anything else that looks neat and is photo-worthy.

3 - What is a good place to grab a bite to eat? (I'll Yelp, but I figured first-hand recommendations are always cool).

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To do this weekend?

Can anyone suggest things going on in the greater Seattle area this weekend? (Besides Gay Pride.) It's my moms birthday, and I'm trying to come up with something free/low-cost for the family to do, preferably outdoors. I'm trying to think of some kind of festival or something like that might be happening?

I found this neat guide! and some other things. I'm going to leave this post up just in case anyone has any other great amazing ideas :)

Don't worry, I am utilizing google.com as well, but it seems slightly difficult to search without specifics already in mind. I'm checkings the newspapers too.

Coffee Shot Update

I remember a recent thread on here about the amount of coffee in various sizes. I happened to chat with a *bucks barista yesterday as well as the dude at my fave mom & pop place by my house. The response was the same. This is what is in each drink:

12 oz (Tall): Single shot
16 oz (Grande): Double shot
20 oz (Venti): Triple shot
24 oz (??): Quad shot
32 oz (??): ?? (normally those iced ones)

A commentor (sorry, don't know who) said Grandes come with three shots - but that is NOT true (unless you request it). I always order Triple Grande's specifically... and that's why I checked with the baristas if I'm being redundant by specifying a triple. Nope... they normally have only 2 shots. :)

Just thought y'all might wanna know.
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