June 22nd, 2006

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Good Morning Seattle!

I just booked tickets last night for East Coast Adventure 2k6! misterkickass and I will need to stay in hotels for a couple of nights and I wondered if anyone out there has a good discount on hotels, say an employee discount, that could be used for us. I will do something in return to compensate for the good gesture. I would need hookups for the following cities. Please email me or comment here if you are interested. frogger414 at hotmail dot com

1 night in Boston
3 nights in NYC (Pref. Midtown Manhattan)
1 night in DC
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Parade Drama pt. 2

(Posted by a frustrated gay man)

If I hear any more about how the Saturday Parade on Capitol Hill is the "protest" parade, I am going to wretch.

In case you haven't noticed, there are a number of horrific events occurring around the world, all of which far outweight this silly parade drama. Please channel your energy into one of the following (or something of equal importance):

1. Genocide in Darfur - you can use that energy to raise funds to help millions of people from government-sanctioned ethnic cleansing.

2. Israel vs. Palestine - you can donate money/time to organizations that are helping Israeli and Palestinian children see beyond their ethnic/religious roots, and relating to each other as fellow humans.

3. Marriage equality in the States - the civil rights movement of our time is here and (gasp!) it affects our community. Volunteer for any of a number of organizations in the area helping to educate people about why marriage matters for queers. With a court decision coming soon, this involvement is so important, as a State Constitutional Amendment could result.

4. Political involvement - donate money/time to your selected political party/issues and get involved for the mid-term elections. Take responsibility for your government, your community, and what happens on a daily basis.

5. Friends and Family - spend time with them. Developing deep, lasting relationships with these folks. They are really all that we have to depend on. Everything else is fickle at best.

Pick-up Joint

So, to the very pretty boy at McDonalds in Ballard who tried to pick me up this morning...

Thank you for the sentiment of not wanting to pass up a chance at love, but following a chick out into the parking lot for a number sorta crosses a line. Try talking to a lady while you're in line or something (and not while she's cornered on the bus, either). Following is a no-no.

And if that isn't enough reason to avoid fast food... the same thing happened to me at Burger King a few weeks ago. Fellas, please. Really. If you need advice for picking up girls, ask Dan Savage or Judy McGuire or something. Quit freaking a girl out, would ya?
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Lawn mowing

I hate mowing lawns, and not just for the sneezing fits. The back yard tends to get several feet tall before I attack it, using an electrical weedwhacker as a 20th-century scythe.

I'm willing to pay somebody to keep the lawn - especially the back lawn - under control. Does anybody have recommendations - people/companies they have used, or heard of?
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Local business owners and managers...

Okay, so this may be way off topic but I searched high and low and couldn't find ANY special LJ communities for local businesses... Feel free to delete it if it doesn't belong here...

The detailed information is under the cut, but here are the CliffsNotes:

Offer a student-teacher-and-or-youth-discount in the Greater Seattle region and get free marketing and promotion from STA Travel worldwide, no strings attached.

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Ballard Area Hair/Endo Recs

I'm looking for a reasonably priced hair place for cut and color around Ballard. Greenlake, Freemont are fine too. I'm really close to Habitude, but I don't think I can stomach $200 for a cut and color.

Has anyone been to Tart?


Has anyone been to Dr. Enzmann at Minor and James? What did you think?

Moving to WA

Hi, I'll be relocating to WA, and I have a question about shipping my car over. Are there laws regarding how soon I need to get my car inspected? I am wondering because, if I had it inspected in another state before shipping the car over, there'd be a possible redundant inspection. I'm asking not so much for myself but for my concerned parents. I looked through the 'auto' section of memories and haven't found anything. I'm assuming it's a non-issue, but felt safer to ask anyway!

21st Birthday

My little sister is turning 21 this Saturday and I’m planning on taking her out. I turned 21 back in the day when you went to renew your license they’d give you the new one then and there. Nowadays they give you the paper temporary license and mail you the new one in about a week.

Does anyone know if bars/restaurants/clubs will accept the temporary paper license along with the expired license as ID, if you’ve just turned 21? I wouldn’t think this is the first time a situation like this has occurred since 21 is a time when a lot of people will be renewing their license.