June 21st, 2006


Join SLGC for the Storm's Tip-off to Pride

Seattle's championship Women's National Basketball Association team has honored the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus by inviting us to sing the national anthem as part of the Seattle Storm's Tip-off to Pride at Key Arena in Seattle on Friday, June 23 at 7:00 PM. Join us this Friday night for music, basketball, and Pride!

two hour limit

i have a friend who is arriving today for a conference in bellevue...

he is going to have a TWO HOUR break this evening, during which i offered to pick him up and show him around.

however, i am not familiar with the eastside at all...

so my question is:

if you had two hours to/from bellevue to do something (in car) what would it be? is there some great parks nearby? good scenic points? a great winery/bar? no malls/shopping.

any help would be appreciated, i am slyly trying to make him fall in love with the seattle area to move out here.



So of course WICKED went on sale and sold out in the same day (last Fri), and I wasn't able to get tickets.  I checked Craigs List and it seems everyone I contacted doesn't live in WA (what's up with that?) and I wasn't comfortable with the whole credit card/mail me the tickets kinda thing.

Is there anyone LOCAL who might have THREE tickets to ANY showing of Wicked (preferrably no nose-bleed seats) that they might be looking to sell?  Or is there any ticket selling thingamagig y'all might know about where I can actually meet the seller and do a hand-to-hand swap of money/tickets?  (We'll even buy 4 tickets if we have to)

*didn't see anything in the memories for this... but then again I'm not the best in figuring out how to search that thing...*
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exterior house painting

Well we finally admitted that we don't have the time or inclination to paint our house ourselves, but it definitely needs it.
Does any one have recommendations for house painters?
We may even need small repair work to steps and what not & it would be nice if one company/individual could be able to fix what she/he needs as they go along-but I don't think that is probably commonly done.

In Seattle- what used to be a bluecollar neighborhood until bungalows started going for $700,000

( perhaps if I paint it electric yellow they will move away?)

Raclette, anyone?

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves raclette (anywhere in Seattle or Tacoma)?  If there aren't any, I'd settle for a non-stuffy fondue restaurant. I have a raclette grill/griddle, so if anyone knows of a good source for raclette cheese please let me know!
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raclette )

Memories/google disclaimer. Also browsed local newspaper food reviews.

Furthermore, does anyone want to share their favorite local breweries? There's so much information out there (and reviews) but it's almost to the point of TOO much information.


Costco And Black Vodka

Hello all!

I'm trying to locate a nearby place that sells Black Vodka. I checked their site and it appears that a Costco in Seattle sells it (Costco in Washington selling hard liquor? Never thought I'd see that).

However, the Blavod website only lists a PO Box and Costco's website and phone line are not helpful at all. Does anyone know which Costco this might be, or if I'm just on a wild goose chase?

FYI, I thought to check the zip code for the PO Box, but it must be different from the actual warehouse since the PO Box (98124) is different from the two Costcos listed as Seattle (98133 and 98134).

Worse comes to worse I'll just go to the Costco and ask in person, but I thought if someone here knew that it would save me some time. Thanks!

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Water delivery

Does anyone have a drinking water delivery service that they recommend? Preferably local. I'm not too crazy about the taste of the tap water,  and I'm not too hot on the Brita filters. I've got a water dispenser cooler/unit thing, but I don't really want to schlep big bottles around in my car to get them refilled.

Anyone have experience with Raincoast Water?
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