June 20th, 2006

Hair Coloring Products

I want to take a friend shopping for hair-coloring products. She needs the simple temporary shampoo-in kind, in natural-looking colors, no Manic-Panic stuff. Is there anywhere that's got a particularly good selection? I never do this so I have no idea. I know they sell hair-coloring at Long's and similar drug store type places, but do any of the beauty-supply stores sell that kinda stuff, or are they just for professional-type products?

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Where are some good places to find a new sofa/couch? I abhor the big chain places like Roomstore and Rooms to Go. Back in Dallas I would have gone to Lula B's or Retro Modern for something vintage-y. But I just moved here and I find myself couchless, and I have no idea where to go.

Can you point me to some cool furniture stores? New, vintage, custom, artistic, estate sales, etc. are all ok.

Movie Time?

Does anyone know of a good website for listings of movie times in Seattle? I'm so spoiled from Vancouver where all the movie theaters are owned by the same company and have one uniform site. Also if you're really savvy, let me know of a mac widget that provides the same information (other than markee, it doesn't have enough options)?.

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Maybe its just me;

Location: Starbucks on Olive (Well, one of them...)

So I went to my first Starbucks today and tried to order an iced cappuccino which is the only real coffee based beverage I drink. I've had these before but from a stop 'n' rob and in a bottle. This is where I encountered my first actual rude person here in Seattle. It was your quintessential brooding black tee-shirt wearing unshaven male art major that you see portrayed in the movies all the time.

Now granted I am not a coffee drinker and do not know (blissfully ignorant) and that the foam is what makes a cappuccino a cappuccino. The young lady helping me tried to quiz me on how it is or how I like it made and when I could not be specific she turned to this other fellow behind the counter. He basically said we don't because the foam machine they use won't stay; but in an incredibly rude way. I can't really tell you the conversation verbatim so specifics are out. So in the end I ordered an iced latte and an icy stare promptly followed by his back when I said “okay, then skip the foam...” In my head I continued to use more descriptive expletives.

The young lady who was serving me asked him if he was having a bad day and he actually did the eye roll and a half frown (he had turned around by now) and strolled out in to the seating area. Once he was out of ear shot the young lady that was helping me apologized about the rudeness. She then tried to enlighten me on the difference between the two and as well pointed out that the large/grande (what ever they are called now) size had three shots. This I assume is so people know how much caffeine and/or calories they are taking in and at what time of day. GTK.

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Hardcopy yellow pages

So I finally (heeded jameth and) turned off my internet at home. It's quite a nice change - try it some time - but I do now need hardcopy yellow pages.

If any of you have a hardcopy Seattle yellow pages directory that you don't need, could you let me have it? In those heady internetty days of yore I used to toss them in the recycling bin as soon as they landed on my doorstep, but now I could really use one. Right now I'm not a landline customer either.

In or near the U District would be most convenient, but I can travel further if needed. Thanks very much.


Homeroom is a new monthly all ages show at the Richard Hugo House in Capitol Hill.
1634 11th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122
All shows start at 8pm and are $6

We have some great shows coming up:
June 22nd ::
Paris in Arms
Lemons and Stallions (member of Girth)
Ooh Ah Ah

July 1st ::
Mikaela's Fiend
Hips (from Bakersfield, CA)
Epsilons(from Los Angeles, Ca)

July 18th ::
Cock & Swan
R B Reed
The Way it is
Cult of Youth (book release)

Aug 17th ::
Holy Ghost Revival
more TBA!


Accupuncture/Homeopath Recs


I have searched the memories section and although there were some great accupuncture recommendations, they were all pretty much based in Seattle. I am curious to know if anyone knows of any based on the eastside. I'm also looking for a homeopath on eastside as well. The main thing that will need treatment is the stomach/GI, so if anyone knows of any specialists in that area that's great! I really really appreciate any responses and advice.

Thank you thank you!