June 19th, 2006

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Fabric Stores?

My bridesmaids decided on making dresses rather than buying them. We've got patterns, but none of us were too hugely impressed with the fabric selection at JoAnn's or Pacific Fabrics. What other fabric store options are there in Seattle or the Bellevue/Redmond area that might have a good selection of "special occasion" fabrics (as opposed to quilting fabric)?
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Walk In Clinics

My roommate needs a walk in clinic in the Seattle area (N. Seattle or Ballard area would be awesome!)
I checked the memories, as I thought this had been discussed and I couldn't find any info, and google only lists clinics way north or way south.

This isn't life threatening, but but probably needs to be attended to soon. Thanks for your help!

Non-corporate "team building" activities?

Hey there.

My department and another that we work closely with (about 35 people total) are looking for something we can all do as a group. You know, a "bonding experience." A "team-building" event without all the corporate-speak and uncomfortably forced games.

Whatever we pick should allow everyone to interact with each other to some degree, not like bowling, where everyone breaks off into their own little cliques in each lane. It needs to be fun (duh). And it needs to be in the greater Seattle/Southend area, as our company is in Renton and our employees live everywhere from North Seattle to Kent and from West Seattle to Issaquah.

Our ideas so far are:

Cooking together at Kathy Casey's food studio (the leader by a mile)
Attending a sporting event (Mariners, Sounders, auto racing)
Hiking followed by picnic (would need to be a shorter, flatter hike for those with lesser abilities)
Ride the Duck (HONK!)
The zoo (though that would probably lead to people breaking off into groups)
Wine tasting tour at local winery (but not everyone drinks)

Please help if you know of anything. This shouldn't be so hard, but with 35 people, it's a lot trickier than just doing go-kart racing.

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Immediate Job opening!

Per request of my mother...

Ex Officio is currently looking for an immediate filling for a job in costumer service.

Info from website: No wonder people Expect More from ExOfficio. Look at what we've been putting in our clothes since 1987. Ex Officio, founded in 1987, has continued to introduce clothing innovations that have been enjoyed by millions of active people. ExOfficio offered the first climate control vented shirts. Moisture wicking, quick-drying clothes for Men, Women and children that provide serious UV protection. Stain-resistant and now even BUZZ OFF insect repellent clothing. A lot of people in the industry just assume these product innovations have always been available. But before ExOfficio they did not exist. You may be on vacation, but your clothes should never stop working. Every piece of ExOfficio clothing comes with hard-working, functional features. In fact, some garments offer as many as 8 or 9 innovative features that enhance your comfort and overall travel experience. However, these technical features are subtle, enabling travelers to blend in with the surrounding culture. Travelers may not even notice them; they just notice what they do. On the ExOfficio website, you'll find a wide variety of clothing for every activity, from exotic travel, hiking, backpacking, rafting and kayaking the entire length of the Blue Nile, to a round of golf or a visit to your local flea market.

you can find MORE information on their company website at: www.exofficio.com

For information regarding current open positions at our corporate headquarters in Tukwila, Washington please contact Bill Swan at swanb@exofficio.com.

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When I posted in here in January looking for good computer repair shops in Cap Hill everyone recommended PC Club on Broadway. Now I'm having an issue with a different computer and when I call PC Club their number is disconnected. Did they move or go out of business? If they're gone, does anyone have any other recommendations? Cap Hill is best for transportation reasons. Thanks.
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Fremont Solstice Parade in monochrome

Sorry for the latency on this; it takes a while to edit photos.

I've seen a whole bunch of posts of images from the parade, so I've decided to do something entirely counter-intuitive: black-and-white photos of a parade drenched in color. I'll post the bicyclists separately, and probably in color since that's mostly about body paint.

Non sequitur is unleashed upon our fair neighborhood.

+15 more; not for the faint of bandwidth.
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