June 18th, 2006

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radio station question?

i guess this is for those who also listen to their ipods in their car radios.

what is the best station(s) that people have found to tune their mp3 player to? i notice i get good reception for a while, but nothing really clear.

thoughts? comments? thanks. :)

birdie play dates

I was out somewhere with the conure I'm taking care of and a shop owner told me that she'd heard that there is some kind of parrot cafe where you can bring your bird to meet other birds and stuff.

I tried to google for this thing and found a cafe with parrot in the name but it has nothing to do with this. It sounds like a really cool thing, and I would love to see if it really exists, but there's nothing easy about googling "bird play date seattle" or "bird play seattle" or any iteration of "bird" and "seattle" when Sue Bird plays for the Seattle Storm. :P

I'd just in general like to see if I can get in touch with other parrot owners to maybe meet up now and then and maybe swap toys our birds have spurned, let the birds socialize a bit, and find out where in god's name I can find a replacement "Polly Dolly". (bonus points if you can tell me right now, because I am going to need another one sooner or later and I'm starting to believe I'll never find one)

Anyone heard of this cafe, anything like it, or any organizations for birdie get togethers?
  • khyron

best transportation from seatac to queen anne?

Hey folks, wanted to pop in and say a big "thank you" to everyone who pitched in several weeks back when I posted about an upcoming trip my wife and I are taking to your fair city! Well the time has come and early tomorrow morning we'll be hopping a plane from the east coast - and we have just one more question:

What's the best way to get from the airport to the Queen Anne area?

We'll be staying at the Inn At Queen Anne, which is at 505 1st Avenue N. Is there a bus line we should take, or is there any sort of cheap downtown shuttle, or should we just pay for a taxi?

You talking to me!!!


I just want to make sure that everyone is clear that I did not hit anyone in my trooper. The previous post said it was a Black Trooper.. I have a white one..
They listed their license plate as 331-NIQ my license plate is GAYFNOP.. so please.. know that it was not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Digital camera repair?

I've had a Minolta Dimage F300 for three years and now the battery compartment door doesn't close properly. I can still take pictures, but I'm worried that the door will break. Has anyone had any experience with Kit's Camera for digital camera repairs? I'm looking for a reputable place that will not charge me the cost of a new camera.


Attempt to give back.

I posted a couple months ago about wanting to move to seattle and looking for vodka bars. Anyway I made it and the memories section and the people I've met through here have been quite helpful!

I did notice there were no memory entries for martial arts, so here is a short write up about my experience going to MKGSeattle.

What I was looking for:
A more relaxed studio that taught a few forms of martial arts and american style boxing. I should note that by relaxed I did not mean easy training but no strict uniform regulations, needing to consider your instructor a deity, etc

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Where should I sell my books?

I just cleared off my dusty shelves of books, comics, and trade paperbacks and I'm trying to decide where to sell them.  Where in town can I get the most cash for the 3 or 4 rubbermaid tubs full of 4 color amazingness I suddenly need to divest myself of?  The few times I've sold stuff to Half Price Books I've regretted it.

Missing dog

I work at a local doggie daycare, and one of our favorite customers has gone missing. She was last seen in her front yard. She may have escaped, but it's also possible she was stolen (she's a sweetheart, and she goes gy the name of Roxy. She's a Bernese Mountain dog, about the age of 4 or 5, very fluffy, and very exciteable. Here is a link to all the pics I have of her. Please, if you see her (and I know these aren't great pictures of her), please reply to this message, or call 206-282-3647. Thank you for your help.
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anyone have any suggestions as to where to get really awesome kolaches? i haven't seen any Czech pastry places around town.

looking for somewhere close, hopefully on the east side (Bellevue area), but somehow, i doubt i'll find what i'm looking for over here.



Shot from my backyard in Shoreline looking towards the Olympic mountains.. Didn't have time to get my good camera (these sunsets tend to change in a matter of seconds if you're not careful).. The shot doesn't really do it justice; definitely the best I've seen so far this year..

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  • veovix

Sunset over Fremont

The sunset this evening was spectacular!

The sun was hidden behind the clouds most of the evening until it reached the horizon at which point it suddenly became visible through a thin clearing in the cloud layer. The ruddy light exploded into my apartment like a nuclear bomb!

The light faded over the course of several minutes until the sun was hidden behind another layer of clouds. The whole sunset lasted perhaps 5 minutes.

Simply Gorgeous.