June 17th, 2006


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This maybe the wrong crowd to ask, but I'm dying to know the name of, and artist of, a song played all the time at the Seattle Mariners games. It used to be the song when the closer Daimajin, Sasaki, came into the game. It became so popular they always use it at the end of the games now. Especially for a win or rally time in the last few innings. The boards accompany it with the words "Oh, oh, oh, oh." Not very helpful, I know.

World Music

I check the memories, I checked Google. I followed the links and was disappointed by the dirth of information. 8 months into my residency in Washington and I can't find any good world music. (I'm talking a lot of african, indian, and middle eastern influence music. Lots of percussion, lots of fast rhythm. *Fabulous* stuff to dance to. And yeah, kinda hippie, I know. But when it's good, it's so good.) Ideally, I'd find a substitute for www.zendancing.com, since I just can't get there anymore, meaning it'd be a dance space with live music.

So, any recommendations for live world music, global fusion music in the greater Puget Sound area?

(I heard the drumming festival was cancelled for this year. :-( )
Caren in hell

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Checked Google and the usual suspects.

I am looking for a Russian resturant. Not piroshki--I know where to get those. :)

I would love to take my dad out for Russian food tomorrow. I know Olga's used to be in Renton, but word is they have closed.

Anyone have any place they know of and like? I am willing to drive a bit--to eastside, Renton, Everett, etc.

Thank you!
You talking to me!!!


HI.. I checked the memories section.. I have a 2001 Isuzu Trooper. I have had it since December 2004 and always gotten my oil changed on time.. but i have never had a tune up.. Can anyone recommend someone that I can go to today.. I live in south end of West Seattle but willing to go downtown-Cap Hill- Queen Anne-- I just need to not get ripped off.


EDIT--MY CAR IS A WHITE TROOPER NOT BLACK.. I DID NOT HIT ANYONE>> and my license plate is GAYFNOP so it was not me.

Does anyone know this asshole?

We got rear-ended last night on Pine and Boylston, right out in front of RPlace, at about 2:00AM this morning. We were stopped at a crosswalk, letting people cross, when some asshole came hauling down Pine and hit the back of our brand new VW GTI. The best part was that when my fiance got out to talk to the guy and ask him for his insurance information, the guy (who was on his cell the whole time) said (in a slurred, drunken voice) "You ain't gettin' shit." And then he drove away.

We called the cops who came, and we gave them a report. There's now a warrant out for the arrest of the guy for hit-and-run. Our insurance will pay for our car repairs and medical bills if he's not found, but I'd love to find the guy and completely financially screw him. I thought I'd turn to the wonderful resources of this community to track the asshole down.

The cop told us his car was registered to an address on Queen Anne. It's a black, pretty new Izuzu Trooper (or a very similarly shaped SUV, it was hard to tell) Nissan XTerra (thanks, romulusnr). The license plate is 331-NIQ. Likely has some front-end damage. The driver was male, white, clean cut, short dark brown hair, average build. He may have had an accent (Russian?). Oh, and he was a total ass.

ETA: chrisinseattle, who posted before me about his Trooper, was not the guy who hit us. Sorry for any confusion.


For the first time in my life, I am going to own a matching bedroom set.  Does anyone have suggestions as to where I should buy one?  Any particular stores that offer better than average prices?
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Red Dwarf on the BIG screen tonight!

Tonight at 9:00 we're continuing our Red Dwarf "Smegathon", showing every episodes of this BBC comedy series... three at a time. This happens every Saturday night until we've shown the very last episode!

Location: Rung Theater (1136 S. ALbro Place, Seattle WA, 98108)
Time: 9pm Saturdays
Price: $5 (or whatever)


feminism, anyone?

okay, i didn't see anything saying not to promote communities in the userinfo, so umm....

yeah, i have this community, seattlefeminist. and, umm... you should join it if you are a feminist or interested in feminism.

if i missed something in the userinfo about not promoting communities, i'm very sorry!