June 16th, 2006


SEATTLE 8O'S DANCE PARTY, and fantasy hoedown.


That's right folks!! TOMORROW NIGHT!!! THE 17TH!!!
Does your body yearn for pulsating rhythms from today and yesteryear?
Let us all wash ourselves in the warm, viscous fluids that will be emanating from the Greenhouse Soundsystem on Saturday.
DJ's Taller than Tom Cruise and World Famous Sexxx Machine will be handling the fluid distribution.
80's synth underground, new wave and pop will spill over into old/new school electro - the birthplace of hip-hop and breakbeat and the robot voice!!!
Stuff will start happening at 9:30 SHARP.
We need to end around 12:30 to avoid the Man, though i'm not worried.
Invite your friends!!
This will be an experiment into other musical avenues for the Greenhouse, and our first true dance party.
Let's all experience the throbbing ache and subsequent release that will be expertly brought about by these two fine young men.
The sound here will bump.
There may be fog and strobing lights!?!?!
So be warned!!
Bring costumes, toys, and any fantasy objects that may get you through the night.
Not to mention inhibition-killers.
Love to all, and get your arse here on Saturday!!
The Greenhouse: 2515 S. Charles St. One block south of Dearborn on the corner of 26th and Charles.

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Good Denturists in the Area?

I'm researching for good Denturists in the area for my mom and was wondering if anyone knew of any. I know it's a long shot since the average age of people who are a part of the Seattle LJ community is most-likely no where near dentures-wearing-age but thought I'd ask anyway. So any recommendations would be beyond wonderful.. Thank you in advance!!
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A bit of a strange question...

I was wondering if any one had a list or if people would mind listing off any water features of seattle you can think of.

What I am looking for is things like... The Cone fountain at 10th and Denny on Capitol Hill, or the Stairs going down from 1st towards the waterfront ending at the "Pi in the Sky" sculpture, down to things like the little fountain on 14th and John on Capitol Hill in the court yard of an apartment complex.

I know very random and strange. But I have my reasons that I will share at a later time.

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FrankenBOOT Seattle's Mash-Up club night THIS SAT 6/17!!

FrankenBOOT, Seattle's original Mash-Up, bootleg and illegal music party is crashing down on Re-bar once again this Saturday June 17th!

FrankenBOOT lights the fuse on pop culture on the third saturday of every month, playing the best mashups and bootleg remixes for you party pirates... expect to hear such unholy unions as Destiny's Child vs The Cure, Missy Elliot vs The Romantics, TLC vs Hanson, Bon Jovi vs George Michael, Madonna vs Huey Lewis & The News, Pink vs Bloc Party, M.I.A. vs New Order, Michael Jackson vs Rhianna, ODB vs Hot Chocolate, Christina Aguilera vs Phil Collins, Salt N Pepa vs Rolling Stones, Kool & The Ganag vs Ying Yang Twins, Abba vs Echo and the Bunnymen, Janet Jackson vs Nu Shooz, Goldfrapp vs Depeche Mode, Kylie Minogue vs Paula Abdul and a night-full of tons more!

Be sure to show up early to get your hands on the free Mash-Up cd given away to the first lucky people through the door!

DJ Freddy King of Pants will be your host, mixing the mashed up insanity all night long...

FrankenBOOT kicks the radio's ass every 3rd Saturday at Re-bar, 1114 Howell st. 10p-2a, $5.

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PSA: Road Closures and Traffic Backups This Weekend

Just a reminder that traffic will be a little worse then usual this weekend.

SR 520, Floating Bridge
WSDOT bridge engineers will close both directions of the floating bridge at 11 p.m. Friday, June 16 through 5 a.m. Monday, June 19 for annual maintenance work. Drivers must take alternate routes. www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/bridges/sr520/

SR 99, Viaduct, downtown Seattle
The Viaduct will close for the Race for the Cure foot race Saturday, June 17 from 7 a.m. to noon.

Mariners Baseball, Seattle
The Seattle Mariners will play at Safeco Field on June 17 at 7:05 p.m. and June 18 at 1:05 p.m.

Fremont Street Fair
Drivers should expect significant congestion June 17 and 18 in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Drivers hoping to avoid congestion on I-5 or the Viaduct on Saturday morning should NOT take Fremont Avenue as an alternate route.
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oh my legs
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Race for the Cure

Since the race of the cure is tomorrow, I need to find a way to get there. I am not near a park and ride but about 10-15 minutes away from qwest. Does anyone know how much the parking will be? I could take the 15 but I don't think it will be running since the streets are closed. Any ideas?