June 15th, 2006

Dinner around Pioneer Square

A group of us are going to Howl at the Moon tonight, and I'm looking for dinner near there or somewhere we can easily hop a bus (like around 1st - 4th ave or so). I'm thinking Asian or Indian, and not much more than $15 a plate. It'd be a plus to get some wine or cocktails as well.

I checked memories and didn't see anything.

Any ideas???

Classical Music Stores?

Greetings! I'm new to Seattle and I was hoping to find a store that sells classical music CDs. Something along the lines of Classical Millennium in Portland. I've looked through the memories and didn't find anything.

When I say a place that sells classical music I mean somewhere that has a few folks on staff who know something about the music they sell. Chains like Best Buy and Tower Records just throw the stuff on the shelves and don't give a damn about the music. Plus I prefer to support local business and people.


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drivethru food?

ok, after i hurt my foot last weekend, it looks like walking is going to be a problem for a few more days, at least. but i can now drive!

hence the question -- drive thru stores in seattle... or maybe places that deliver (the borough of capitol hill/victrola), even?

given the short-term nature of my predicament (yay, i got to use that in a sentence!), food is mostly what i am after.

thank you!
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i posted a little while ago in regards to finding some alternative options to typical company outings, but now i'm really at a loss here.

i'd like to find something to do that relates to the pacific northwest somehow - whale watching and victoria clipper were things that are relevant to what i was thinking of planning. thing is, we are working on a limited schedule (2pm onwards on a friday), so there's not too many options. another option i thought of as a possibility was the dinner train (but i haven't heard too many positives about the train).

would there be any other suggestions for neat seattle-based things to do for a company outing for a few hours? even a mariners game and dinner would suffice, but they are at an away game on our planned day.

stop the drama


Anyone want an invite to Farecast.com ?

I have 23. Go! I only need first name / email.

(This is Seattle related due to the fact that it is currently under beta for Seattle and Boston only.)

All 23 of mine are now gone, if anyone else is interested, there are 23 people below who now have 25 invites! ;)

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If you want an invite hit up one of the people below!!

want an invite to Farecast.com?

Thanks to moonrock I have 25 17 8 4 1.

Comment with your first name and email address please.

All Gone!


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(This is Seattle related due to the fact that it is currently under beta for Seattle and Boston only.)
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I looked in memories but didn't find anything.

I want to buy a digital camera. I've never had one before so I don't know what to look for at all. What would the best qualities be for a digital camera beginner? Is there one brand that's better than another? I looked on google for FAQs and determined that optical zoom is best, but the rest of the options on the camera were really subjective and based on what you were going to take the pictures of. I will be taking pictures mostly of people in a variety of lighting settings and occaisionally buildings during the day. I'll mostly be printing out 4X6's and an occaisional 8x10 as well as emailing pics to folks. I don't want to spend over $200, but I have no idea whether I'll be able to get anything of quality at that price or whether I'll need to save up for a better camera. I looked on Amazon.com and there seemed to be lots of cameras under that price range but I don't know if any of them are any good. Are there any features that I should be specifically looking for or avoiding? I'm most interested in personal experiences. Any and all info would be most appreciated. Thanks for the help.