June 12th, 2006


snake food...

i was wondering if anyone knows of a good place that is a reliable source for frozen rodents. i live up on capitol hill, and have been going to either renton or burien to get them. i just wondered if there might be somewhere a little closer to my location. thanks.
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I am not sure if this is occuring in other parts of town, but recently I noticed a low gas price of 3.07/gal at a Chevron on 85th Street, up near the Greenwood Market. The Shell just across the street was at 3.10 (please note this was on saturday)

This is lowest I have seen probably anywhere (non-ARCO) I have been recently, and all other gas stations are still at least 3.15 or more in the area.

Thought I would give a heads up.
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Call me nosey but.. Does anyone know whats going on on the viaduct? the 1st and columbia was blocked off when i left the bank about an hour ago.

My car got jacked in seattle.

In lieu of the recent "my sweet ride was stolen" thread I decided to throw together a frappr map for us unfortunate souls who have had our vehicles stolen, broken into, or vandalized in the Seattle area. I think it would be interesting to see where most of our cars have been stolen from... at the minimum to inform our future parking decisions.

link: http://www.frappr.com/mycargotjackedinseattle

Go and add the location (place in frappr terminology) of any break-ins, thefts and recoveries. Then let us marvel at the beautiful work of art we have created.


You have to add yourself to the map as a person then you can add a place.

Oy. I think that'll fix it.

either that or their maintenance is screwing it all up.

Outsourcing of Jobs- What do you think of ..it?

Dearest seattle

I have come here to ask you a question about outsourcing. I ask it here because of all the office workers in Seattle. I'm doing a paper for college about outsourcing and, so far, I'm a bit confused on the idea of it. I have never been involved with outsourcing so I wanted you all to pitch in your ideas on outsourcing.

If you have been involved with it, how did the company treat you over seas? What was it like working in another country? What company did you work for when you were outsourced?If you passed up on an outsourcing opportunity, what was the reason behind it? Erm, that's about it then.

Discuss amongst yourselves :)
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What does Seattle really think about light rail?

So on the subject of light rail today, there's some nutter in the park next to Pike Place Market literally -on- a soapbox around 1pm today. He's ranting about the evils of the coming light rail system.

Specifically, he said that it would be (and I'm only QUOTING here, dammit) a "darkie delivery system."

As I was doing my OMGWTFBBQ mouth drop, I looked around and saw people paying attention... and nodding in agreement.


City rules...

I got a parking ticket for "parking in the planter." I'm taking it to the magistrate at Seattle Municipal next week. Here's my question:

As far as private property goes in Seattle city limits when there is a sidewalk (along with a couple feet of grass between the sidewalk and the road) present, does said private property extend to the edge of the road or the edge of the sidewalk?