June 11th, 2006


Abba hair care products?

I've checked Abba's website (and Google, and the memories) and the closest place that officially sells their products is in Renton.

Unofficially, I've been getting Abba stuff at Rite-aid but for the last month or so they haven't been stocking my favorite conditioner. I have long, thick, curly, damaged hair and I *need* this stuff.

So, any suggestions on where I can find it locally? I could get it online but I'd rather not pay shipping.
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Anyone have any suggestions for places to buy men's rings for under, say, $150? I'm looking for simple bands, in silver or white gold. I don't care how classy or unclassy the place is - I already tried shopping at Fred Meyer, so obviously I don't care :P Seattle and surrounding areas is fine - I could go as far north as Bellingham. Reliable Web sites would be okay, too. Thanks!
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