June 10th, 2006

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Please forgive the intrusion but I'll be visiting relatives during the week of June the 18th to the 25th and I am interested in getting some suggestions for what to do at this time. I'll be in Fall City as well as the Capitol Hill area (where I'll be laying my head) but I am also not adverse to traveling when something worth while is happening. I know this is a little early and I will post again late next week also. Thanks in advance.
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Its 2:30am - normally I would be dead asleep...however, tonight is different as apparently we live in the ghetto and a Police Chopper has been circling overhead for the last 40 minutes.
He has his spotlight on, the whole 9 yards...
I looked at all of our local news sites, I couldn't find anything.

The way they are carrying on - I sure hope its Bin Laden they are after...here, hiding in Kirkland!
Maybe they read an anonymous tip on someone's Myspace account as to his whereabouts.


How many times do they have to circle anyway? And why do they only have the spotlight on 50% of the time???
How long can a helicopter run on 1 tank of gas??? Could they be filming a special COPS in Seattle?
Im going nuts. Isn't this considered disturbing the peace or something?

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Sea-Tac Parking

Anyone have experiences leaving your car in a lot near Sea-Tac? I'll be leaving Sunday and coming back Tuesday, so I just need those three days/two nights worth of parking. What places are recommended? Anywhere to avoid?

I found a shuttlepark coupon online, but I've never heard of them. Decent enough place? $8 a day ($24 total) sounds beautiful to me, as that's much cheaper than getting a taxi (I'm coming from North Kirkland) and less worrisome than depending on friends to pick me up.

Seattle leash law & irresponsible pet owners

Why isn't there a leash law for sidewalks and such? (If there is one, then why aren't people following it and why isn't it being enforced?)

And also, WTF are owners thinking when they're walking their dogs without leashes near busy streets? "Oh here's an idea, I'm going to walk my young dog at 6:30 on a weekday morning near the I-5 on/off ramp downtown without a leash!"

I don't care how well trained a dog is, it might run out into the street anyways and get hit by a car.. or a car might swerve and run into another car! It's dangerous for both dog and traffic!

If you're taking your dog for a walk, put a leash on it! It's really simple.

If you want to give your dog some freedom to roam under supervision, here is a link to off-leash areas to take your dogs to: http://www.ci.seattle.wa.us/parks/parkspaces/yodogs.htm

It would break my heart to witness a dog getting hit by a car.
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CPR/First Aid training

This summer I'm looking to earn a certification in CPR and First Aid, but I missed the ARC's Saturday classes a few weekends ago and now I'm having trouble finding alternatives. Does anyone know of any organizations, colleges, or the like that offer these sort of classes to the public in the Seattle area?