June 9th, 2006

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Hey any of you all that were at folklife, I am trying to find out about a couple of groups I saw performing there, I was going to get back and snag CD's but ended up havin to leave un-expectantly, this was on sunday after 2, one of the groups was a bunch of younger old-timey punk lookin hobo kids playin over near the key arena, just west of the "fisher green stage" they had a washboard and one of those bass's made of a bucket, the other group was really really similar but I think they had an acordian, and they were over by the centerhouse, I know this is a really longshot but if anyone has any thoughts or tips I would love to hear it...

Art Show, Roq La Rue, TONIGHT! BE THERE!!

See Roq La Rue's new show...a massive group show extravaganza.

Roq la Rue Gallery
"Fresh Meat"
group show
opening Friday June 9th 6-9pm
runs through July 1st
(opens in conjunction with BLVD Gallery)

Roq la Rue is pleased to present a giant group show for its June exhibit, entitled "Fresh Meat" and featuring artists who have not exhibited at the gallery before (Ok, with the exception of a couple!). Some artists are newly emerging onto the gallery scene, others are more established and exhibit regularly all over the country. The show has no overarching theme, just lots of fresh talent ranging from contemporary figurative to retro illustration, true down and dirty rock n roll Lowbrow to sublime exquisitely rendered Surrealism.
Check out the artists who are sure to be the next big names in the Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism scene!

Artists: Wednesday Kirwan, Scott G Brooks, Dara Allison, Pamela Jaeger, Carrie Ann Baade, Esao Andrews, Kris Lewis, Brian Viveros, Bob Dob, Daniel Lim, Brian Despain, Krysztof Nemeth, Derek Nobbs, Jessica McCourt, Skot Olsen, Jim Koch, Jamen Chai, Matthew Bone, and David Bowers


West Seattle Karaoke

I just started hosting karaoke in Seattle again!
Tuesday nights @ 9-9:30pm (until last call), no cover.

Skylark Cafe & Club
3803 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Linked below is my personal collection, but I am going to add the bar's music to my database this weekend so we can start creating consolidated books:


Any other hosts here interested in trading music?  (Please see my wishlist.)  I have .cdg + .mp3 component files (~5MB together) and .bin files (~20MB) of each song.
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Buying World Cup jerseys in Seattle area?

Are there any stores in the area selling World Cup jerseys/t-shirts? The yellow pages/Google aren't helping me at all. I've never bought this kind of thing before so I don't know where to start. I'm willing to drive out to Alderwood or Southcenter if necessary.

I want Portugal's but I've left it too late to order online (not to mention the FIFA site is in Pounds Sterling, so the exchange rate is insane).


EDIT: Thanks for your help, guys. So far, Niketown's the only place that has Portugal, and not the shirt I'm looking for. I know, I'm being too picky for an unknown team, my fault!

Vancouver, BC.

I need recommendations on where to stay (nothing fancy, but good location) and what to do (waterparks, parks in general, any off the beaten path or mainstream tourism)...

I've never been there before and am going for my anniversary in July. Thanks. :)
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stolen car

this is a long shot, but i thought i'd give it a try. my boyfriend's car was stolen on monday, june 6th, between 2 am and 10 am on 52nd and 21st NE. its a '94 red acura integra, license plate 959-TCWwith a picture below the cut. if you happen to see it or have any information, it will be VERY appreciated. please contact me at cheryln at u.washington.edu. thanks!

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