June 7th, 2006

french practice

does anyone know of any good places to practice french? (classes? book groups? conversation groups?)

i'm going to france in september and its been a year since i've taken my last french class so i need to practice a bit before i leave. i've checked around and found classes ranging from $200 to $400 for the summer, but these are still pretty short. any recommendations would be great! thanks.

World Cup, of course

I'm sorry if this has already been asked ages ago but I searched and searched and couldn't find anything...

As we all know, the World Cup is staring Friday morning, and while the George and Dragon sounds great, it is also in Fremont and thus outside of my gas budget. Does anyone know of any bars or restaurants on Capitol Hill that are showing the games? I figured the Elysian might be, given thier large TV, but I can't find anything online.

Ana and I


I looked in the memories section but didn't find anything applicable. I am looking for the nearest hardware store to where I live. I live in Capitol Hill and need to get some latex paint for my walls. I need just basic white. Suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you!!
VW bunny

Kenny Chesney tickets for sale

Hi all

I have two tickets to Kenny Chesney at Qwest field on Saturday, June 24th that I'm looking to get rid of (they're my brother's and he can't go). They're in Section 334, Row JJ, pretty good seats. They're valued at $49.50 each, he paid $128 total but he is willing to get rid of them for $90 (for the pair).

If anyone is interested, please email him at: ponha_lim@msn.com (Please do not comment). Thanks!

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Habla Haberdashery?

I'm needing to find silk or otherwise fine (no synthetic fabric or blends) short-sleeved XL shirts for men: where?

Muchly prefer discount stores in Seattle (but ten miles away is okay), thanks. Vintage not okay. Where do I find these? Any local haberdasheries (no chains)?

I went to Ross and found mostly cotton/polyester blends there (some cotton, but not many). Not holding out much hope Target or Wal-Mart would have silk short-sleeved shirts.