June 6th, 2006



I am on the hunt for a cheap pair of Converse Chuck Taylors.

And by 'cheap' I mean around $25.  I can't seem to find them on-line for less than $40.


Edit:  They are available for sale on-line only for the right price.  But I am not finding any 'in-store' sales for the same.  The $40 price refers to the 'in-store' price I am finding on-line.
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from seattle cacophony list:

Don't forget to take out your gowns, girls! We marry the beast today!
It has not been said before now, but There Will Be Games.
And oh my yes, There Will Be Prizes.

Details, details, details:

Date: 6/6/6
Start Time: 6:06 pm
Location: Volunteer Park, by the ampitheatre

Yep, that's TODAY - Tuesday evening. We'll start after work, and marry our Dark
Lord by the Black Sun at sunset. Sunset is at 8:10 that day, so we won't
accept "I don't have time to change after work" as an excuse!

This is a potlucky kind of affair, so in addition to your glamorous
selves, bring a dish. There are no grilling facilities at Volunteer Park,
so extra points to ambitious hibachi bringers.

Other things to bring: musicky making things. Croquet and/or lawn golf

See you then, gals!

Demonic Bride Ivan
burnt dog

anchor tattoo: yay or nay?

I checked the memories, but everything I saw that was remotely helpful was also really outdated, so hopefully I won't incur the wrath of the community for asking this...

Have any of you had tattoos done at Anchor in Ballard? Happy with them, or not so much? Any idea of price range? (No, I don't plan to skimp on the cost; what I really want to know is whether I can swing it on a rent paycheck or not!)

If you don't like Anchor, who else can you recommend that is reasonably priced? I know everyone fiends for Slave to the Needle in this town, but they quoted me $140 for a 1.5x1.5 inch tattoo involving 3 or 4 colors, and that's just out of hand. The 2 I already have didn't cost that much together!

I'm pretty hell-bent on staying in the city for this since my car is feeble right now, but if you have stellar recommendations in the 'burbs, lay them on me anyway.

Thanks, y'all!
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Seattle game stores and eastside food?

Anyone know of any small-business game stores in seattle (no EB, gamestop, or best buy) besides Pink Godzilla (doesn't have what I was looking for) and Gametown (really, really, overpriced)?

Also, I recently got a job on the east side (Bellevue, near the center); does anyone know of any decent places to eat around here? I'm in the mood for italian.
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Consumer Credit Counseling

Anyone have a reputable place they recommend? (I did search memories) I looked around on the internet and only came up with Advantage CCCS. Any thoughts on them? Doesn't need to be in Seattle necessarily. I would be willing to go North or East a bit.

Drowning in Credit Debt and trying to go back to school
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grief counselors, or similar?

If you wanted to talk to some kind of grief counselor or therapist, or someone to discuss possibility of "depression", but your health insurance doesnt cover such luxuries, what would you do?

Can anyone point me in the direction of information that would help me out here, or know of any groups or something that can help out in this respect? Groups that support people affected by suicide would be especially appreciated.

I did check google and the memories, but didnt find much helpful, relevant info, so I'm sorry if this is a dumb post. I really would be grateful for any help someone reading this could provide.

PS I have a drs appt tomorrow. would it be a good or bad idea to ask him about this? I'm thinking it would be good, but damn this crap is so uncomfortable :[

Thanks again.