June 5th, 2006


Rising from the ashes? Pioneer Square bars dissappoint

So... went out Saturday night. Hit the Fenix Underground for the first time.

Prolly won't go back without a compelling show (Like the Bedroom Club)

$12 to get in (for the Pioneer Square Stamp, but still)
$5 drinks ("You wanna make that a double for only $2.50 more?")
ANND the freakin' bartenders got my wife's drink wrong TWICE. It's a freakin' Rum and Club Soda. The first f*ckup, just water, no soda. The REMAKE turned out to be whiskey... we gave up.

Total cost for 4 covers and 4 drinks? $72.

We tried to justify the $12 cover, so we also went to Doc Maynards and the New Orleans. Didn't have a grandiose time in either of them.

F*ck that. I'm going to the Vogue next time. $5 cover, $4 drinks (yay freepour!) and music I like better

What other bars/clubs are there in the Downtown/Cap Hill area that are good for people that like to drink?

what to do on a thursday?

my birthday is this upcoming thursday, and i was hoping to come up with a fun way to spend the evening that wasn't the bar

any suggestions? cheaper, the better. something that would cater to about 25 people. not at home. something that could start after 7 and end by midnight b/c it is a school night. the average age of everyone is about 26 years old....

any help would be fantastic, since i am still relatively new to the city and only know of the bars on caphill...


Bars for Stanley Cup watching

I recall Teddy's in Roosevelt a while back advertising they were showing all of some team's games (Detroit?), so I imagine they'd also show the Cup games, but has anyone got any other bar or tavern recommendations for watching the NHL finals, places where it's not just on in the background but where people will actually be watching with a little excitement? I know I can ask at any bar to have the game turned on, but usually that's like asking to have the music turned down — it makes me feel like a huge ass unless I know I've got most of the bar with me, so I'd prefer a place with hockey on by default. Thanks in advance.
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Hey all, I am looking for a racquetball court in seattle, or near to seattle that I can use without having a membership at some gym, I dont need to work out or lift, I just want to play racquetball!

I did the whole google thing, all I found were alot of gyms that all require membership.
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I am really excited to announce the launch of the Seattle branch of the Craft Mafia.

Before you ask what a craft mafia is, see here: www.craftmafia.com.

We are still accepting applications for membership from DIY business owners. Our definition of "craft" is loose; if you've made it, it counts as craft (that includes photographers and artists of all variations, not just artisans). To apply or for more information, visit our newly launched website...


Miniature golf

A local told me that there is nowhere in the Puget Sound area to play miniature golf, that the closest place is in Wilsonville, outside of Portland.

Is that true?

Edit: Wow, so not true. And such fervent responses! I didn't check Google because I wanted anecdotal evidence. Call me old fashioned.