June 4th, 2006

What to do in Seattle on Tuesday night... suggestions?

As a sad East sider I know little 'bout where fun things are in Seattle. My husband and I are bussing in on Tuesday for dinner at Union Restaurant (1st ave & Union). Any suggestions on what 28 yr olds could afterwards and how to get there?

I was thinking pool, unless there's some live music where we could still chat, but we're open to other suggestions =)
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Vegan Chicken Wings mmmm

Okay, I've been to five grocery stores in the past two days looking for Collapse )
At five grocery stores, none of them had them. (Including the Whole Foods on Roosevelt, the PCC in view ridge, the QFC & Safeway in U Village and the Metropolitan Market near Sand Point)
Has anyone seen them at stores in the city (pref not too far away from the Sand Point/View Ridge Area) or have they disappeared from the planet?

dog-friendly to-dos?

i have friends visiting seattle in the next few days and would appreciate any suggestions on where they can go with their puppy (he's about 30 lbs.)...i already mentioned a few of the off-leash parks (magnuson, etc.) if anyone knows of other dog-friendly things they can do (restaurants, outdoor shopping, etc.), please pass them on. i checked memories and didn't see anything specific regarding dog-friendly tourist destinations. thanks...
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Wanted: Nekkid Goodness

Looking for strip joints that are clean, classy, and feature women with natural padding. Gals that in any dive strip clup would be considered SUPER FAT cause you can't count her ribs, and won't lose an eye if poked with a hip thrust. Gals who look like they aren't afraid of cheesburgers.


Where can I go to listen to good jazz, something similar to the Blue Note in Manhattan? A place that has hard bop a la Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Sonny Rollins, and so on?
Tacoma Narrows Bridge

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does anyone know where i could get some Warhammer 40k books and armies (more specifically Tyranids)? i'd prefer buying them in person but it seems like i'll have to buy them over the internet.

the downtown seattle area would be best for me.

Mental Health Facility

I am looking for recommendations for a mental health facility in the Greater Puget Sound area. The ideal facility would not be very "facility-like" (if that makes any sense), would permit "short-term" (i.e. two weeks) admittance and accept insurance.

Any tips would help. Thanks!