May 31st, 2006

Mikey Coffee!

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Yesterday was a "Sick"-day for us.

If you know someone who drives a route anywhere between King St. Station and Gameworks on 7th and Pike, especially one of those "Free Ride Area" Busses, Please thank them and give them copious amounts of love from four goofy High School Seniors.

We decided to catch the earliest sounder train we could from Everett to King St. Station and then go to Gameworks. The Free Ride Area Busses really helped us to get where we needed to go or help us shave time off of walking.
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Sweet Transvestite

Let's do the Time Warp again... and again... and again...


This Saturday night is The Vicarious Theatre Company's monthly Rocky Horror performance. The show starts at 11:30pm and it's at the Admiral Theater in West Seattle. Admission is $5. This is a joint birthday performance for myself and another cast member, so we're encouraging people to dress up as presents (yay, scantily clad ladies!) ;) The show runs 'til about 2am, and our website is See you there!
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Free life-saving classes

It's not too late to sign up for one of the American Red Cross' free "CPR Saturday" classes on Saturday. Each class covers lifesaving cardiopulmonary-resuscitation skills.

For "CPR Saturday," participants can meet training requirements and complete the CPR-skills testing to receive American Red Cross adult-CPR certification in less than three hours. The organization has recently revised its training programs and materials for all first-aid, CPR, automated external defibrillation and emergency-cardiovascular-care courses.

Classes will be held at 8, 9:30 and 11 a.m. and at 12:30 and 2 p.m. at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. You can register online at or call 206-726-3534.

Pillow Fight!

On the advice of das_prompt and X-posted in seattle_events and tacoma, I present....

Date: Saturday, June 10th.
Time: 1:31pm
Place: Pier 66 (Bell Street Pier), Between Anthony's At Pier 66 (Restaurant) and the Maritime Museum (by the litle whale watching sandwich board sign.)

REMEMBER: 1. Conceal your pillow before the fight (backpacks and shopping bags work well)
2. Keep moving, or at least look busy doing something else. ***What we don't want are people standing around the fight area with pillows in their hands, waiting for the whistle***
3. Listen for the whistle - When it blows, pull out your pillow and start swinging! When you hear the second whistle-

AFTERMATH GATHERING- Immediately following the fight at Liberty (Capitol Hill) 517 15th Ave. Between Mercer and Republican. Sushi, drinks, and fabulous people. Come play with your pillow fight family! We had a great gathering last time. I'd love to meet more of you :-)

*IMPORTANT* - Please spread the word. Repost this message everywhere you can. Talk to everyone you know about the fight. Let's try to make this one a big one. Bring as many people with you as you can. Fill your car with pillow fighting friends!

If anyone needs a ride, let me know. I can help you connect with someone in your area.

I'm really looking forward to smacking down on all of you ;-)

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I know the whole smoking ban thing is kind of a heated topic around here but I thought you guys might like this article that graced the cover of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer today. It's about smoke-easies in Seattle.

Smokers find refuge in secret nicotine dens
Late at night, the ashtrays come out in 'smoke-easies'



Also, here's a list of businesses that have been warned for smoking violations:


Calling all teachers!

Alright, exactly where are you buying your supplies locally? The only specific Learning/Teacher store I know of is Lakeshore in Bellevue.

Where are the rest of them hiding? And if you don't know where one is, where are you getting all of these excellent resources?
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One Less Car Challenge

Has anyone had success with this program?

I have emailed and called and emailed and nobody ever returns my emails/calls. I am convinced that nobody's at the other end of the computer/phone. I know it's government and it doesn't move at light speed, but come on! It's been weeks and I haven't heard a peep from anyone at this program. In order to participate, I have to get a contract and sign it, but I can't get the contract because they don't acknowledge emails or phone calls regarding the program.

PLEASE ADVISE! I am anxious to get rid of a car and get my free Flexcar credits.

(I checked Google and the memories)