May 30th, 2006

Skagit Tulips

I seem to miss this festival every year. Has anyone been there past the festival dates (as in, very recently), who can tell me if it is still worth a drive to see them, or are all the tulips gone by now?


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Moving Trucks?

So after I graduate I'm moving and I finally have enough stuff where I need to rent a small truck. I've looked at Budget, U-Haul, Handy Andy, and J & R Truck Rentals. Anyone know what place is best? Good rates? Easy? Thanks.

need banquet hall - related to SCIENCE

I am looking to plan a 300+ person event in a venue that has banquet serving in Seattle.

I've tried the Museum of Flight, the Future of Flight (so pathetic with it's utter lack of "future" information) and the Pacific Science Center.

Anyone got any ideas on a place to hold a large banquet?
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Rick at the Fenix Benefit!

I haven't been online much in the past couple days so I was unable to post a reminder about the benefit for Rick at the Fenix. Instead, I'm posting it now and extending the benefit until tomorrow at 5 pm.

Please help out! You have until May 31 at 5 pm to participate, just go to my site, and 25% of your order will go to help him with his doctor bills!

Link to my original post:

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Does anyone know of any pupuserias (restaurants with food from El Salvador) in the north end? There used to be one on about 175th and Aurora, but has closed within the year. Quite sad.
I only know of El Trapiche Papuseria in Burien now, but that's quite far...suggestions?

Thanks much, x-posted.

Fashion for the Cure.

Coldwater Creek is one of the sponsors of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure, and this Sunday, June 4th, the CWC in downtown Seattle (on the corner of 5th & Pine) is having a Fashion For The Cure event. If you aren't interested, it would be nice if you passed on this flyer to women who might be...

Fashion For The Cure