May 29th, 2006

You don't even know.

Come See Orkestar Zirconium Today!

We're playing Folklife this afternoon. We're playing a renegade set hopefully near the Key facing the fountains around 4 today. These are the spots where we're allowed to get loud(er).  In case ya ain't heard, we're a 12-15piece balkan brass/stomp band. I play the tuba and we'll rock your ass and you won't even see it coming.

Designated areas for loud instruments:

1. Base of Bagley Lawn at the intersection of Republican Street and Second Avenue North
2. On the Thomas Street walkway across from the Space Needle entrance
3. On Harrison Street just west of the Entrance Station but east of the Medical Tent
4. On 3rd Avenue between the two entrances on the West side of the Center House
5. Base of the Steps on the east side of Key Arena when the building is not in use.

comment if you need additional directions, want to rendezvous to get me drunk or want a donkey punch.
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Grape Mentos?!?

Has anyone seen grape mentos? They are not at my friendly neighborhood Bartell's (although they do have the fruit boxes, and strawberry). I have never tried the grape and would like to buy one roll before I buy a box for $34 plus s/h.


Dear seattle;

where oh were can a boy find liquid nitrogen for sale to teh general public?

or, even if not for sale to "the public", not too strict on the whole proving i am a scientist and i need it for [whatever you legitimately use liquid nitrogen for].

furthermore, if anyone has any bright ideas for bad natured pranks to play on someone?

I mean, if i cant pressurize someone's car full of shaving cream... i need other options.
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Good drinks?

It's my 21st birthday and a friend and I are going drinking in about an hour. We have no idea where to go. So I'm just looking for good suggestions.

If you don't see this within an hour, then suggestions for the future are nice too.

Dog boarding

Does anyone have personal recommendations regarding dog boarding? I will be going out of town for three days and I need a boarding solution.

My dog has separation anxiety, so two crucial requirements are:
  1. Lots of exercise

  2. Human social interaction
The most ideal solution would be a place that does "play-care" by day and boarding by night. That way, by the evening, my dog will be too tired and happy to feel lonely at night.

Places in or near the city are most ideal, of course, but I'm willing to drive out half an hour or more for a place that provides tons of exercise and human social interaction. Money (within reason) is not an issue.

Thanks a lot from both me and the dogster!