May 28th, 2006


Art/photos for my walls, please.

I have nothing on my walls and I think I finally may be ready to make that commitment and purchase some art/photography. So:

1) Are you an artist who sells your art? If so, do you have a website I can look at or can you provide me with an e-mail address so I can contact you and you can e-mail me samples?

2) Are you friends with someone you would recommend for art?

3) Do you have a favorite gallery in Seattle you would recommend that I visit?

And before you ask me what style I'm looking for, I'll let you know that I'm not sure. I know what I like when I see it. I realize this is super vague, but I like things all across the board style-wise. Also, I'm not looking to drop $1K on a single photo, no matter how nice. That is just out of my price range. I almost bought art in the $500/piece range a few months back but didn't pull the trigger because I didn't feel like I had checked out enough stuff.

Thanks in advance.

Bathroom Retailers

*checked memories
My husband and I are remodeling our bathroom. We are doing it ourselves. Can anyone recommend some stores that carry a large variety of bathroom stuff. There are the obvious ones like lowes and home depot. But I wanted to check out more bathroom specific retailers. We need a tub, toilet, sink, fixtures, lighting and a mirror. (basically everything but tile)
We live in Bothell, so Eastside, Seattle or S. Snohomish County is fine.

Movie Theaters with crying rooms in Seattle

Hey folks- checked google and the memories (under "Movies") and no luck.

Does anyone know what movie theaters in Seattle and the surrounding area have crying rooms? I'd really like to haul my wife and 5 month old to the moving picture show, but I can't seem to stomach calling the "emergency line" for every theater in the area so that I can ask someone.

Horror Books in Seattle?

I've been to most of the major bookstores (Elliot, Barnes, U Book Store, Half, etc.) and am getting a wee bit frustrated - I read a book every other day or so, and lately, all I'm interested in is horror. I've been buying online direct from the publishers, but am tired of forking out the extra cash for shipping and would love to find a local store that has a great collection of used and new horror, including indie press books (Cemetery Dance, Necro Pub, etc). Any suggestions?

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Glass Etching

Hey all, I'm looking for some very detailed glass etching on a fairly difficult surface. I know you can do it yourself but I'm not overly creative and this is a gift so I'm really wanting someone who knows what they're doing.

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