May 27th, 2006

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awhile ago, there was a girl who posted about wanting to find good quality photofinishing places.

however, i can't seem to find that post. i went back 350/400 entries (can't remember exactly), but still can't seem to find that post. she mentions that anyone mentioning wal-mart needed to take their game piece and move back to start. the entry is also nowhere to be found in all entries tagged photography, and all photography-related memories.

anyone happen to know where that post went?
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Anyone know of a cafe/restaurant/what-have-you that's open 24 hours, and is reasonably close to the SeaTac airport?

I have a 6 hour layover between midnight and 6am tomorrow, and am dreading spending it at the airport.

Muchas Gracias!
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Photo reproduction without negatives

Evenin' everyone.

Asking the Seattle comm for another set of recommendations, please. I like to scrapbook (actually, that's something of an understatement, but I digress), and my parent's 25th wedding anniversary is coming up in August. My present to them is going to be a scrapbook of pictures collected from around the family from the past 25 years and anything from when they were in high school (long story - suffice to say they dated in HS, got separated and after some time got back together and married, then had me, so there's some major history here).

My question is: where can I go to get pictures reproduced if I don't have the negatives? A lot of these pictures are on loan from my aunts, and so I can't just stick these in and not return them, and 25+ years later nobody is keeping the negatives around. I'm on something of a budget, so while I don't want to be super-cheap-crap lady here, I can't afford to spend a ton of money on this (the other scrapbook materials through Creative Memories add up really quickly).

I kind of have a scanner (I need a couple of cords for it), so scanning & printing on photo-quality paper might be an option. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help!
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