May 26th, 2006

attempted kindness

21st birthday suggestions

So I'm in charge of taking out a friend on Saturday who just turned 21. I want to break her into alcoholism, impress her, and have her get hit on by numerous men. I guess I'm looking for a cheap meat-market with chracter and good music? Please keep in mind that "good music" is relative and she enjoys what they play on KUBE and what used to be played on KUBE. Location should be anywhere between Seattle and Everett.
So far I can only think of Nectar (Fremont) as an option. Please help!

Seattle entertainment book

I need to know if anyone has the United airline up to 75 dollar coupon in the entertainment book and won't be using theirs. I actually need two, so if you have them laying around, please help me. You have no idea how much it would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!!!