May 25th, 2006


Bean bags?

Anyone know where I can find some bean bags in town? Just, you know, normal palm-sized bean bags, the kind you'd juggle with etc. Target and Fred Meyer struck out for me (well, Target didn't quite, but I didn't want to buy "Toss Across" just to raid it for the bags).

So before I go on some kind of further great retailing wild goose chase, I figured here was a good place to see if anyone had the kind of specialized useless knowledge I need.

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I need asfetida. Where can I buy it in the greater Seattle area? I believe I looked for it at Travelers last time I was in, but they were either out or didn't carry it. Any other ideas?
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Bike Ride Through (the cluster-f#$K that used to be) Downtown Fremont

Dear asshat driver of the silver Hummer that was blocking the bike lane at the intersection at the Fremont Bridge,

Please take your enormous, fossil-fuel wasting, 'i don't have a penis so i'm driving this car' SUV somewhere like Texas where people will appreciate it. It was NOT appreciated blocking the bike lane that is the only safe path through Fremont while the Burke-Gilman trail is closed. You almost hit me and another cyclist and didn't see either of us swerve out of your way and almost crash.

What part of Hummer = Allowed to use the bike lane?

Thank you,

an aggro bike commuter
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You talking to me!!!


OK what can I do for fun this weekend. I have no plans.. no obligations.. and want something to do. Yes this sounds pathetic. But give me some ideas.

Since having gastric bypass surgery on March 6th I have lost 84 lbs.. and now can do things.. Like Walk.. and get around. So I want some ideas of what to do.

I dont have a lot of friends to do stuff with and dont want to feel like I am intruding on someone elses fun or be the 3rd wheel.

Hopefully this is appropriate for the group.
sweet sweet grolsch

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Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere over the rainbow.

Actually, screw that -- I'm not apologizing for anything. I'll say only this: the only purpose of the 25-foot rule is to give non-smoking uppity Seattle transplants reason to bitch at smokers because they have nothing else to do. Ooooooooh, we have a law! Now we have POWER and we plan to use it AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE just because we can!

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Screening at Seattle Public Library on Sat May 27

“Community Stories Episodes in Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month”

SEATTLE – The Seattle Channel, Seattle Public Library and the Northwest Asian American Film Festival presents episodes of the Seattle Channel series Community Stories in honor of APA Heritage Month.

All four films, which showcase Seattle’s diverse APA community, are from Seattle Channel's Community Stories series. The films will screen at 3 p.m., Saturday, May 27 at the Seattle Public Library, Central Library, 1000 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104-1109.

The featured episodes are as follows:

"Blue Scholars"
"Uncle Jimmy"
"From Yoomee to Deborah"
"Aquarium Kids"

More at:

For the latest news from NWAAFF, read our blog.