May 24th, 2006

Sasquatch Ticket

So this week-end is Sasquatch and I really shouldn't be going.
I've got a ticket for Saturday morning until Monday morning.
Anyone interested? Offers?
I'm not sure how much leeway I'm willing to give for price, if any, but try me.
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shared darkrooms?

general question of which i cannot find any answers within the memories or a localized google search.

where would i be able to find some shared darkrooms that i would be able to rent or share the cost of renting? i've heard of community centers sometimes having fee-based darkrooms or colleges renting them out, but i've never done this before.

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Seattle Area Chinese Class

Hi all, I was hoping someone here could help me.

I'm home for the summer and I was planning on taking an Intensive Chinese Class at the UW but unfortunately, due to problems with the registrar the class is now full and I can't take it. I really, really, really, want to take Chinese this summer somewhere here in Seattle and I was wondering if anyone knew other places that offered refutable Chinese classes. I've already looked at the websites for NSCC, Shoreline CC, SSCC, and CSCC but they don't offer any this summer. Anyone have an suggestions on where else I should look? I've tried Google searches as well but I haven't found anything that looks very good, but I may not be searching for the right thing.

Thanks in advance!!
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Chinese Wok in Belltown - Closed?

My favorite Chinese restaurant in Seattle (and just happens to be within walking distance) is the Chinese Wok at 2211 4th Avenue in downtown. I called a little while ago to order some Curry Chicken and someone answered and said that they were closed and a Thai Restaurant would be going up there. My phone died before I could say anything, so when I called back the message said they were on vacation until the 22nd.

Has anyone heard anything about this? Thanks.

Edit: Looks like they updated their website announcing that they've retired. Good for them :)