May 22nd, 2006

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8 is enough

Where in the greater metro area can one find places that sell 8-tracks?

Please don't mention thrift stores unless you know they do tend to have them. Because most don't.
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costco stores...

So I dont know how many of you shop at Costco but..

Does anyone know if the store will accept returns, like say a laptop, without the original box (but with all the components)? My ultimate goal is to return my current laptop, since I can, and buy a new one. The store website didn't specify so i thought I'd ask.

This had damned well better be on the Cobert Report tonight

The Friday night bear hunt in University Park was a block and a half from our old house. As of this morning (which is why I'm posting this even though it happened Friday night), CNN has video linked off the front page. That hill Officer Friendly is running down in the middle of the video? That's on NE 55th, running east towards 20th Avenue NE.
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Oracle developer wanted for 6 month contract in Bremerton

My company based out of Freemont is looking to fill a data-migration contract with one of our existing clients. They're actually on the Bangor Naval Base so you'd be onsite during the time you work with them. Here's the short list they sent me:

Oracle PL/SQL, Javascript, ASP.NET Developer (Kitsap County)
We have an immediate opening for the right developer to be a key player using the most advance technology of Portal Development. We are seeking developer with 3+ years using Javascript, PL SQL, and Oracle applications. ASP.NET, HTML/DB, ODBC, ADO, SQL experience is a plus.

Other similar programming tasks would be assigned including making minor changes to existing .NET applications, creating reports using Oracle Discoverer and creating or modifying javascript in the Oracle portal environment.

The position is available immediately.
Contract duration is a minimum of 6 months, with a W2 option.
Flexible, casual and open work environment.
Send detailed resume.
Leadership skills needed.
Strong desire to code using the latest Oracle Platforms.
We are offering excellent benefits, competitive salary and a very collaborative work environment.
MUST BE U.S. CITIZEN and capable of passing background check.

I talked it over with our CIO and the main skillset we're looking for is Oracle with some exposure to .NET and SQL. If you're interested, contact me either here or at my hotmail address. This is an important client for us so we're willing to push the clearance process through.

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2020 Cycles

Is a new bike shop that opened up in the Central District and with the service they offer they'll soon be closing too.

I dropped my bike off there on Tuesday the 9th for a tune up. I had bought the gift certificate at a cancer fundraiser, otherwise I just would have gone to Recycled Cycles which has always given me great service and is just half a mile from my home. I was told when I left the bike with them that it would be done on Sunday or Monday, the 13th or 14th. Come Wednesday the 17th I decide to go check out why I haven't gotten a call from them. I can't find a website and they're not listed in any phone book. Google was no help. I figure they must have misplaced my number or it got written down wrong. So I show up and ask about my bike, after a period of fruitless searching from the shop girl I point out my bike to her and ask about the status. She then continues to fumble around for a few minutes looking for something and comes up with a notebook with my info. They do actually have my phone number. She explains that she's sorry they got really behind and my bike will be done in three days. So here I am on the 22, 5 days after I was told my already 5 day late bike would be ready and I still have no bike. Ok, fine, so you got really behind this month. Is it really that hard to pick up a phone and give the people who left their only mode of transportation with you a phone call to let them know that you can't uphold the deadline you promised them? Twice?

So really. If you need a bike repair and you don't need your bike to get places, or you have a spare bike, or you don't actually ever ride the bike, or you like waiting around a lot wondering where your bike is and why no one is giving you a courtesy call to you to tell you that they're behind, go to 2020 cycles.

Otherwise go to any of the other many reputable and competent bike repair shops around the city.

"Sluffing"--How many of you use this word?

I just saw this article in anthropologist, and I'm really curious about where the word "sluffing" originated, and how far it has spread out.

I know this term is common in North Seattle (or at least, it was), I've been using it since I was at least 14.

Why do they say 'sluffing'?
Professor and former student research how 'jockey box' and other terms entered southeastern Idaho lingo

The Associated Press

POCATELLO — An Idaho State University professor and a former graduate student are studying the unique linguistic traits of the state's southeastern corner, hoping to learn more about why people talk like they do in the region bordered by Wyoming, Utah and Montana.
Sonja Launspach, an assistant professor of English, and adjunct English professor Janna Graham, who started the project while she was Launspach's graduate student, say words such as "sluffing" — for laziness — and "jockey box" — for the automobile storage area more commonly known as the glove compartment — have insinuated themselves into the local jargon.

In addition, natives of the region who completed 429 surveys also came up with 94 different terms to describe adherents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Idaho's most-prevalent religion, most commonly referred to as "the Mormons."

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Wondering if anyone on this list is or knows of former employees of Sunmakers or Global Leisure. I've been hunting down former coworkers, but having very little luck through Classmates and other sites like that. Thanks!

smoking popes @ the croc!

so. I'm a pussy and don't feel like going alone. As my friends remain unconvinced and I feel terminally unable to walk into a room alone tonight, Is anyone going to the Smoking Popes show tonight? It's @8pm at the Croc. I will buy the first round!

Seattle Mayor Proposes New Taxes For Transportation

Seattle Mayor Proposes New Taxes For Transportation

...The package is made up of a property tax levy that would cost the owner of a median-valued home $195 the first year, a 10 percent fee on commercial parking lots, and a transportation tax on businesses of 25 dollars for each employee....

A property tax levy for transportation?

Seems to me that transportation taxes ought to be more of a "use based" system.

Is Mayor Nickels smoking something?...or do I need to start smoking something?
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seattle events.

are there any other unique and interesting seattle events that are coming up other than SIFF?

i'm in charge of planning a company outing, and i'd like to find some sort of interesting/unique event instead of the typical "company picnic" type of thing. we originally had grand ideas of attending the SIFF opening gala, but that won't work as it's this thursday and one of our members is out on vacation during this time.

we're a small company, and it would be for ten people. given this, it's unlikely that we would do something such as an argosy cruise or any other type of event that is usually reserved for larger parties.

any ideas?

i-banker scene?

Are there a lot of investment bankers in Seattle or the surrounding suburbs? If so, where do they hang out? I've become fascinated with the i-banker lifestyle after reading 'American Psycho' and I want to do bumps of coke off of my employee keycard with my fellows, dine at exclusive i-banker restaurants, 'party' at exclusive i-banker clubs, and wear lots of suits.

Does this scene exist in Seattle?

If not, is anyone interested in getting a group of dudes together and pretending to be i-bankers?