May 21st, 2006

New Glasses
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1 ticket to Varekai Friday May 26 8 pm $76.20 OBO

The short of the story is that I have a total of 3 tickets to Cirque du Soleil, but I now only have two people going. I thus have one ticket for sale.

The tickets were bought pre-sale months ago, and are really good seats.

Section 101 row G seat 9 or 11

It shows on the ticket that I paid $76.20, and I'd like to not lose money on it, but, right now I'm eating the entire cost. So - I'm willing to take offers.

It's at Marymoor park in Redmond. Carpooling is an option. My roomie and I will probably be going early and picnicing in the park prior to the show.

Yes, I've tried Craigslist as well as every other means of finding a buyer that I could think of. Yes - I know it's near impossible to sell one single ticket to a stranger.
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So Seattle, I thought I  would come to you for recommendation and or suggestions. Now I realize in doing this, that there may be plenty of you with opinions, but what I am really seeking here is information. That being said, here is my inquiry.

I have an antique sewing machine. It is  a Singer from 1939. I want to sell it, but am not sure the best way to go about doing that. It is in it's own cabinet so selling it on ebay would require shipping and I just don't know how to ship something that huge and  heavy. I thought about craigslist, but is that really the place to get a good price for things? Can anyone recommend a good antique dealer in Seattle? Would that be the way to go on this?

Thanks for your time. I hope you are enjoying this not so rainy beautiful weekend.

Tawnee Lynne

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going out east for the long weekend, and i need to buy gifts.

1.)  for kids (specifically aged 5,2, and 1mth).... i am okay with getting little kid tee's.  however, i am not sure of a good place to find this sorta thing.  or if there are other good suggestions for kids.

2.)  30 something yuppies...  all i can think of is getting some sort of coffee, but i dont even know if they drink coffee.  is there a good classic "seattle gift" people can think of for me to bring back for this couple? 

i am not looking to spend a lot of money, and am in kind of a hurry.

any help would be so appreciated. 

to-go containers

[I am aware that this does not directly relate to seattle, but it relates to you as people. Also, I am a student in seattle, at the UW, if it helps. I have also posted this to the UW livejournal, so I am sorry for anyone who reads both. I need to get a broad range of people's opinions, so that is why this community is helpful. but, delete this post if neccssarey]

Hello. I am wondering if anyone here wants to complain about to-go containers! I am currently working on redesigning to go containers (everything from tupperware to take out) for a class and right now I am trying to determine what problems there are that need to be fixd. So, here are some questions to get you started and feel free to add anything else you can think of...
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THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time!
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local commercials.

So, let me get this right. If I don’t have a job, but I have a good heart, locally owned Check Masters will give me money?

That might be the lamest local commercial of all time. Between that and the Money Tree commercials, I can no longer enjoy local sports on television because they show both commercials during every commercial break.

I guess all commercials can’t be like Skittles, VW, Washington Mutual or Group Health...

::Upcoming Homeroom Shows::Hugo House::All Ages!

May 24th:
White Gold
Paris Spleen
Der Trasch

June 22nd:
Paris in Arms
Lemons and Stallions
Ooh Ah Ah

July 1st:
Mikaela's Fiend
Hips (from Bakersfield, Ca)
Epsilons (from Los Angeles, Ca)
Partman Parthorse

July 18th: TBA

Aug 17th:
The Pharmacy
The Pleasure Boaters
plus guests

all our show are all ages, start at: 8pm, are $6
The Richard Hugo House in Capitol Hill.
1634 11th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122

Used Book Store

I am looking for recommendation for a used book store with the following things.

1)They give store credit for books I bring in
2)Large selection of general fiction and Sci-Fi
3)Located in North of Lake Union.

Thanks in advance for any help

(no subject)

I know there are tons of memories on neighborhoods but a lot of the time people just generalize areas like UDistrict, Fremont, Ballard, etc but I never hear much about Ravenna. Does anybody on this community live there or know how it is like there? I'm considering an apartment in that area and want to know if it would be safe for a female to live there alone (on the ground floor).

Also, I've actually asked about moving companies last year... I had a good experience with Starving Students. However, I'm moving out on my own this time and definitely do not need a full-size truck. Is there any moving company where you just hire two movers and use a UHAUL truck? (I would ask my friends but moving some of my stuff is kind of a pain because of its size and where I live right now).

Thanks in advance!