May 20th, 2006


laptop bag?

I am in search of a new laptop bag. I was hoping to get something like an Acme Made bag, but cheaper. I pretty much hate shopping, so I would prefer to go to a single store with lots of options rather than a boutique that has one brand/type. Any recommendations?


My apt building lost all of its recycling bins because too many people can't read and kept putting trash in the bins. So now I have a bunch of recycling I have to do myself.

But this actually seems like a good thing, since I found this:

They buy the crap off you.

Anyone know of any other scrap / recycling buy centers in Seattle?

FYI, and thanks for any additional infos.

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My sister is visiting from Texas next week but living in Tacoma, I don't know a lot of stuff to do up in Seattle. The things I know and are going to show her are 1)Pike Place Market 2)EMP 3)Space Needle

other than that, what should we do?? Where should we go? I'd like to do some shopping so any cool shops would help. I've heard about Alki (sp?) Beach.. where is that at and how is it?

Last stand

I'm going to be living in Seattle for the summer and would like to pick up a job for a few months if I can. Since I'll only be working for 2 or 3 months I'm obviously not looking for anything serious... So what are the most popular almost-guaranteed-hire, high-turnover type jobs for the non-professionals around Seattle? Oh yeah - no dress code (As in, I have tats/piercings/etc), annnnnnd I don't know how to drive.


good local photo lab...

I am looking for personal recommendations for a good local photo lab for digital prints. I am looking for professional quality emulsion prints; first person who mentions Walmart has to go back to start and loses a turn. I already have my on-line source; I am just looking for something local for photographic emergencies.

Yes, I checked the memories.

Thanks in advance.
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That's right, spudniks, direct from the frontlines is the new Hirohito and the Bomb livejournal. Easier to update and more readable than our Myspace blog.

This is Hirohito and the Bomb, the Rock and Roll band, 66% from West Seattle and 33% from Tasmania AKA Redmond. What kind of Rock, you ask? Honestly I have no idea. Punk? Maybe. Rockabilly? Some people think a few of our songs are. Metal? Definitely an influence. Hardcore? No. Screamo? Definitely not. J-Pop? WHATS WITH ALL THE QUESTIONS!? WHAT IS THIS, THE SPANISH INQUISITION!?

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