May 19th, 2006

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Crazy Bride To Be

I am getting married exactly a year from today.

I need recommendations for any and all of the following:

a planner/coordinator
a caterer
a cake maker
a photographer/videographer
a dj/mc type

Any recommendations (with links if you have them would be awesome) would be so very helpful!!!

Edited to add: We will be having a rock and roll wedding. This is in no way a formal traditional wedding. Just incase that makes a difference in your recommendation.
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Don't feel like driving to Redmond and spending big bucks on circus entertainment?

Come on down to ConWorks next Wednesday for the first annual charitable fundraiser put on by Seattle's aerial and circus community!

Aerlift 2006!

This is the first annual benefit featuring student and professional aerial performers from in and around Seattle. This year we have special performances by members of Circus Contraption, the Aerialistas, Velcro Monkeys, SANCA, The Cabiri, and Curly-Burly.

Every year we will choose a new charity, and 100% of the profits from the performance will go toward that organization. It's a way we can do what we love and lend a little help to some people in the world who can really use it.

This year we hope to send lots of money to "Karing for Kids," a group which runs a women's and children's health clinic in rural Nepal. This clinic serves over 7,000 people in the remote villages of the Rasuwa district. Check them out at

The event happens Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at Consolidated Works, who is generously sponsoring the event. Doors open at 7 pm, the show starts at 7:30. Tickets are available at the door, and the suggested donation is $10-$20 per person (and up, of course, for the financially secure!).

The money we raise with this event can make a real difference for the small non-profit organization that runs the clinic. Please spread the word, celebrate Seattle's aerial community, and come enjoy yourself at Aerlift!
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Hey Seattle; anyone like Baseball?

Get back to me within the hour and you can have two tickets to the Mariner's Padres game tonight for less than what was paid for the seats. I just got them and I'd go myself, but... um... baseball is boring.

It's Section 325 Row 1, Seats 11 & 12.

Whatever you think is a fair price. I'm thinking $30 for the both of them. (the tickets were $20 each).

Only problem is, you'll have to come pick them up. Right now I'm at work downtown, (Seattle Tower) and later I'll be at the Dinette in Capitol Hill (On Olive St.)

Anyways, thought I'd give it a try.

Stylin' party supplies

Where on Cap Hill (or close) can I buy cool-looking paper napkins and plates? Everything at QFC and Bartells is all kiddie-birthday-looking. I was at Champion once and all I saw was real plain stuff, plus it's kind of a trek. Do any of the little indy stores around the Hill have cool party stuff?
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where shall i live within seattle city limits?

i am moving in july or aug, depending, and my requirements are pretty much:

--within seattle city limits
--my own washer/dryer
--at least 600 sq ft (not including storage units and balconies, so more like listing of 700+ sq ft)
--NO ROOMMATES. i refuse to share a house or any of that nonsense. i ain't in college no more and i am damned if i am living like i am
--month to month leasing
--under 1k per month all bills (ideally of course 700-800).
--decent public transport.

what neighborhoods should i give most primary consideration to, if such an apartment is attainable?

edit: if a place will go 3 or 6 months on a lease, i can do that, but in all likelihood i will have to break/sublet/buyout a six month lease, so i'm strongly leaning towards month-to-month.
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Internet Gambling is a Felony in Washington State

(picked up from a friend's journal and passing on the info)

2006 Senate Bill 6613 (Banning internet gambling)
Effective date 6/7/2006
This bill, which was signed into law March 28, 2006 by Gov. Christine Gregoire, makes all internet transations where someone can knowingly transmit or receive wagers or any other form of gambling illegal. The penalty for gambling online starting on June 7th is a Class C Felony which is up to 10 years in prison or a $10,000 fine.

How in the world did that happen? How is this going to be enforced?