May 18th, 2006

  • jsl32

warning for wallingfordians.

do not go to the chinoise in wallingford. the service was execrable, as was the sashimi. what kind of fucked up place runs out of glasses?! and appetizers?! and what kind of restaurant NEXT TO THE FUCKING SEA FAILS TO USE FRESH SEAFOOD?! places practically next door to this joint had lines around the corner to get in on saturday evening, but it was barely half full. during the awful awful hour my fiance and i spent dining there, we found out why.

they also didn't even have much in the way of decent booze, either. anyhow, just don't go there. perhaps the others are better, i would hope so for the owners' sakes.
  • memeka

affordable housing for you

Ever notice the demolition business happening on the Ave, where Araya's used to be? Well, the developer who is building an apartment complex there is getting approved for a $1.5 million tax break from the city for setting aside a third of the units as "affordable" - the studios would be over 900 dollars a month and the 1-bedrooms over a thousand! Doesnt get much better than that - put in a huge building that will completely dominate and block out the light, and get a shitload of cash for setting prices way ABOVE the going rate in the neighborhood. Where will three more years of Greg Nickels get us?

Furnace vs. Heat Pump

We're looking at putting in an air conditioning unit, but are considering a heat pump instead. The question I have is - have any of you made the conversion from a standard furnace to a heat pump/furnace combination? How is it working out for you? Have you noticed a cost savings?

Any information you could provide would be great.

la chute

Fremont Bridge project starts Monday

I recall there being a mention of this a month or two ago, but just a friendly reminder that starting Monday the 22nd the Fremont Bridge approach replacement project starts, meaning no trucks & buses on the bridge, a single bike & pedestrian lane, and one lane in each direction for cars through Spring '07, including "up to ten full weekend closures ... with the possibility of weeknight closures". SDOT's page on the project has a lot of useful info, and if you're a bus rider, check out Metro's page on it too. (One of the key things to note for bus riders is that Metro's Trip Planner will not be updated until June 3rd, so if you're planning a trip to or through Fremont between the 22nd and the 2nd, be prepared for the planner to be even less helpful than it usually is.) Happy commuting!

Any experiences with Fat City?

Anyone have any experience with Fat City for services? I've googled and found a couple of opinions, but nothing really concrete. I'm looking to take my Jetta for a service, and since they're right next to where I work, the location couldn't be more convenient.. So, anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Sure is a nice day for a bike ride...

Yes, yes it is a nice day for a bike ride. Point83 gathers up at Westlake Center at 7pm to go on bike rides every thursday. Today is thursday, and today it is beautiful outside.

Grab a bike (any kind will work, we dont go too fast), and meet us down there to take a spin. I think the group is headed north tonight, up to Mathews Beach. We'll have a nice little ride up that way, stop off at Uvillage Safeway for some refreshments, and then end up at the beach to drink the refreshments and maybe do some swimming.

Haven't been on a bike in a while? not sure if you can make it that far? well you can, and you should give it a try.

just watch out for henry, he smells like poo

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Question for Seattleites who are familiar with apartment living. My roomie keeps getting noise complaints from our next door neighbor because of his music. His music is however, so low that I cannot hear it from my own bedroom or the living room even with his door open. Management agrees that it is at a low level, but recently they have received so many complaints from this one individual that they decided to say that subwoofers are not suitable for apartment living so we have to keep it off. I know that can't be correct because nearly everyone nowadays has a sub woofer. If we keep the stereo below the residential mandated level of 55 there anything they can do to us? or do we really have to keep the subwoofer off. I just dont see how it can be bothering the neighbor...especially since he hasnt complained about it for the one a half years he's lived here until now.
Kitty Snake

culture comes to seattle

jameth and wesa asked me to post this here.

At the Harvard Market QFC there is, I kid you not, a statue of David.  It is in front of the roast chicken, surrounded by copies of The DaVinci Code and cheap Italian wine.  So there it is, a little touch of high culture in our very QFC.  Amazingly, its fairly close to real thing, that is of course if you consider that Seattle is not Florence, that QFC is not the Galleria dell'Accademia, and gray styrofoam or plaster or whatever it is, is not a giant block of marble.  Oh.  One more thing: the real David is naked, the QFC's David, well, his plaster penis is covered up by faux leaves.

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