May 17th, 2006

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Is it appropriate to ask a Spokane question here? If so, what is there to do out there? Yes, there's an awesome Taco Time with many many salsas, but what else? I'm interested in outdoorsy stuff, weird sports or recreational areas, interesting bars or clubs, places not on their travel guide/chamber of commerce sites.

If not, don't yell at me.


Hey guys. I currently reside in Portland, and have only been to Washington once. It was suggested by the damnportlanders that you may have more knowledge because you are a lot closer than we are. My husband was offered a job at Ft. Lewis, WA, and I know absolutely nothing about that area. Would you all be so kind as to enlighten me with your knowledge, please?

Seattle Red Cross: CPR Saturday 2006

Just got this in my email:

Your First Chance to Learn the Brand New CPR Guidelines

Prepare to save 15% on our online store.
Exclusively for CPR Saturday participants.
More information to come!

Learn the skills to save lives.
Earn your American Red Cross
Adult CPR certification.

When you're redirected, click on "Register Now for FREE CPR Saturday!" which is on the right under their spotlight store.

The Saturday is June 3rd.

Film Community Help

I'm wondering if anyone knows about any summer filmmaking programs for grade schoolers that also offer scholorships or are *very* reasonably priced. I looked into Seattle Film Institute, but they are way out of my students' price range, and 911 Media/Reel Grrls isn't hosting a camp this year. Anyone?

Also does anybody know of an all-purpose Seattle film listserv or otherwise internet based community? Something a little more than Wigglyworld's sparse callboard and with an emphasis on film screenings and events as well.

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The elephants are innocent! It was the telemarketers!

So the proverbial monkey came out of the sleeve of The Zoo Membership Scam.

After speaking with the membership office at the Woodland Park Zoo, I learned that they had a fund raising event in December '05. They contracted out the fundraising to a telemarketing firm. The guy who called me was not authorized to offer me a membership upgrade; it was just something he told me to get me to donate (bet he needed to fill his quota, lest he wanted to lose his job). The zoo official told me they were shocked that they used a lie to get me to donate and offered to put my donation towards a new Elephant Herd membership.
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i know gas is expensive these days, but...

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I imagine this guy was wishing he had done two things. One, worn a better belt. Two, ran out of gas at a less busier intersection...

And in case you’re wondering, this photo was taken after he left his car there for a good 20 minutes while he ran up 46th to get gas...
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Weekend Slicer?

Rather than call up every doctor in the Seattle area, I ask you. Are there any general surgeons, non-emergency, that work weekends or maybe evenings? I need to have some minor surgery done, but its expensive enough already without having to take time off from work to top it off.


To be more specific, its for a simple (hopefully benign) tumor removal. Easy stuff, outpatient, wham bam, you want fries with that?