May 16th, 2006


Buy this stereo

My neighbor is selling her stereo system:
Sony Model LBT-D290
5-disc changer (rotating)
FM/AM tuner
Dual tape deck
All for $150 OBO.
You can contact me, and I'll pass your contact info along. Write to me at sopmackramAThotmailDOTcom .
God sez: STOP!

Holy crap wtf?

X-posted to my LJ and [Unknown LJ tag]'s definition of racism, as follows:

1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Straightforwards, everyone can understand it, right?

The Seattle Public School District's definition(s) of racism can be found at

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So. Racism can only be practiced by white people against non-white people. All you people of color who hate another group of people of color, you're not racist (unless you believe in white superiority).

Oh, and apparently, if you are thinking of the future, you are a cultural racist. Because we all know that no other cultures ever plan for the future, that is obviously a distinctly white trait, therefore is bad and racist. Also, individualism, as opposed to a collectivist ideology, is white-only and racist, the same with believing in a standard, 'proper' English.

There's a lot more BS in there, but seriously. I couldn't find a more racist definition of racism if I went to the KKK, folks.
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Got Crabs?

I have recently become obsessed with hermit crabs and would like to find a good brick & mortar store (other than the horrid chains) which offers my beloved hermies and a good selection of supplies. I'm in Kitsap County but would travel pretty much anywhere in Western Washington if I could find such a place.
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Interesting bit of Seattle history you didn't know before.

Why is there a picture of a tree on LJ Seattle today? Cuz, you need a history lesson.

The green weeping willow on the left. It was planted in 1883 by General JB Metcalfe on his homesite in what was then Yesler's part of town. It is near where Main Street would be if Main Street didn't dead end on the west side of I5, but more importantly it is by Washington Street. The willow was planted from a splint cut from willow trees that grow over George Washington's grave. In turn, the willow trees over George Washington's grave were splint cuts from those near Napoleon's grave.

If you want to see the tree for yourself, go to the Pacific Rim stores that are on Jackson right to the east of I5. There is a set of stairs on the left. Climb the stairs, the trees are on the right. Don't go alone, ladies, it's a common place for homeless to camp out and smoke crack. You know you can't trust those people.
Nemu (Haibane Renmei)

Found Item

Does anyone know Tom Lorimor who works at Microsoft? I found something of his near Queen Anne and don't know how to get it back to him.

I know this is a shot-in-the-dark. I didn't have any luck with dexonline,, or searching for a Microsoft directory.
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Posting for a friend

Is it legal to carry (in a sheath) a fixed blade that is 4" long in the state of Washington? I saw something that said it's legal to posses 3" blade or longer, as long as you aren't trying to "furtively" conceal it. I also saw that anything over 3" long is considered a deadly weapon.

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Zoo membership scam?

Does anyone else have a membership with the Woodland Park Zoo? I have a Lion's Lair membership, and got a phone call back in December '05 from the zoo (or was it?) offering an upgrade to Elephant Herd membership if I made a donation. I made my donation, but when I tried to bring a guest to the zoo today, they told me my membership was never upgraded. The lady at the gate couldn't check on the donation, so I'm beginning to wonder whether I was scammed or whether the zoo just screwed up. (Note that they did let me bring my guest in today). Does anyone else have a zoo membership? If so, were you called and offered an upgrade? Anyone know anything about this?

Need marketing advice!

Hi everyone!
I don't want to be a spammer, but I need your advice; I need to find a website to promote my new Seattle-based business. It is family entertainment and event planning. I will greatly appreciate any suggestions!
Thank you