May 14th, 2006

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To the person that broke into my car last night. Fuck you. To the person that stole all of my equiptment in my trunk, I hope you rot in hell.

there were books in there, with my name inside, if  anyone comes across one please let me know

and womens size 11 thigh high patent leather boots, brand new

b-g trail

i am totally out of shape. but i got asked out on a date this afternoon to ride bikes on the burke-gilman trail.... we were talking about loading the bikes and driving out to another area of the trail, perhaps wedgewood or ravenna.... so my question is...  is the b-g trail difficult?  hills, rough terrain, etc?  or is it a nice simple coasting ride by the water?

i have also never ridden a bike in seattle, or on a "path"... (in michigan we love our cars)
so, are there any general rules/advice you'd give me, i dont want to mess up this date.

please be nice.

Not for Profit (NFP) Organizations

I have been volunteering with a local NFP organization and due to circumstances beyond my control, I've decided to seek out other organizations for whom to invest time (basically, the Board is made up of people who I can't come to respect no matter what and I have a hard time putting my time in, despite my passion for the organization's mission -- it's been a very difficult decision but after 3 months of feeling like crap even though I'm putting in 10 hours a week volunteering, it's time to leave).

I am looking for recommendations for NFPs in the area with whom you've had a good experience. I am particularly interested in local organizations (not local branches of national/international groups) who are in need of fund development assistance (fund raising on a long-term basis -- not just special events) and whose salaries aren't 90% of their expenditures for the year (as opposed to actual program-related expenses). I have also been through the rungs of volunteering with organizations who are "start ups" and honestly, I'm a bit burnt out right now from those types of orgs. I would prefer to pursue a relationshp with a slightly more established group. The mission of the organization is actually less important for all purposes of this post, since that is easy to distinguish from the organizations' websites.

Also, of course, I would be very appreciative of "DON'T VOLUNTEER WITH THIS GROUP" kind of experiences as well. I really don't want to find myself in this same position a year from now.

On an unrelated note: Thanks to everyone for the car advice! I have decided to actually go with a Honda Fit, after shopping yesterday and essentially looking at every recommendation that was posted.
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Sorry, I couldn't find any active communities for shoreline community college or seattle central community college, so I thought I'd ask here.

I'm thinking about taking a night asl class at one of those schools, and was wondering what people thought of the teachers.

The options are Bernstein or Kennedy at central, or Advani at Shoreline. Or, if none of them are good, then what about Burks at north? I'm going to be at north for some classes anyway because I'm doing running start there, but the asl class there is at a really inconvenient time for me. I could try and make it work though if that's the best class out of all my options.

Oh, and a lot of the teachers weren't on rate my professors, or didn't have very detailed reviews.

Advice? Thanks in advance.

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Where's the cheapest bottled water in Seattle? The best price I have currently is 89 cents a gallon at QFC on Broadway. I'm looking for non-distilled water, btw, and I drink it for the taste and because I live in an old house with pipes that I am not clear on the status of. Thanks in advance!

I need a suggestion!

So graduation is on my mind as I am graduating in LESS THAN A MONTH!
Therefore, what restaurant would you recommend for a graduation dinner?

Ideally good for 5-9 people, nice atmosphere, entree costing about $15-25, good wine list and not Cheesecake Factory or Bucca's. I'm pretty open to any types of food.
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A Fruitless Seattle Safari

Maybe you remember when I posted asking about Dunkin' Donuts in Seattle. There are none. My search took me as far as Federal Way - the phone book still listed one in Des Moines and one in Federal Way. All the one's we looked at - all had become something else.

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You'll notice the DnD brand building.
Y'all had to push the hoity dark roast and push out the blue collar staple - for shame!

getting involved

If I wanted to get involved with the Democratic party, what would be a good & productive starting point in Seattle? Are there certain grassroots organizations that any of you would recommmend?
Feel free to mention good ways to get involved with the Green, Libertarian, or even the Republican party in Seattle as well.

(this is where I mention that I searched google and looked in the newspapers)