May 13th, 2006

Where does the seattle DIY geek like to shop??

 I'm semi-new to the area, and have yet to find the stores that I like to shop at.

The dirty surplus stores, the radio electronics stores, the diode/resistor/transistor warehouses, those kind of places make me all giddy inside to see parts bins full of miscelanious old used electronic geekery.

i'm taking some electronics classes, and need supplies to build myself some projects. I'm in need of anything from ac motors to common transistors and diodes. cheap photo cells are great too..

where are these places? eastside prefered, but i'll go wherever the parts are.

my googling doesn't really turn up anything within the past 3-4 years. although i did come up with a place called radar and vetco surplus, i'll be checking those out soon, but where else is there?
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veterinarian recommendations?

Hello all,

I recently moved from First Hill to Fremont, and am looking to switch veterinarians for my cat. For eight years as I've lived either downtown or on First Hill, I have used Broadway Vet Hospital, and although in the past they have really bent over backwards for me and my pets, as of late I am increasingly dissatisfied with their prices and their service.

I would much prefer to take my cat to a closer vet anyway, as taking him in the car stresses him out immensely and I want to minimize that stress. I technically live in Fremont but am only about five blocks from Wallingford, so if anyone has any recommendations for veterinarians in either neighborhood it would be greatly appreciated.


Just so you can see how precious he is and how much he deserves the best care possible, here's a picture of my beloved cat (who I got at Seattle Animal Control, so he's still local and relevant) . . .

Peng, looking looking for a new vet.