May 11th, 2006

{HP} Hermione

BRAND NEW! 60 GB iPod video + speakers for sale!

BRAND NEW 60gb iPod video (this is the white version) for sale, open, according to the original eBay seller, only for inspection and in perfect working order, comes with box + etc that you would get with it if buying in the Apple retail store. Also comes with a set of external Monster iSpeakers, which you get for free.

I bought an iPod video on eBay and in the process of it being shipped here, my family bought me one as a present. Obviously, I don't need two iPod videos.

Will ship or you can come pick it up; either way is fine with me. Asking price is $375. E-mail or comment here for queries & snark. Paypal or cash are preferred methods of payment.

looking for a good kite shop...

i would like reccomendations for a good local kite shop. i want to buy a new two line stunt kite, and would like to find a place with good selection and reasonable prices. also one that isnt too far away would be good too, i live on capitol hill. ive heard of a few, but i would like to see what people reccomend. thanks.


Can anyone in this community with experience submitting work to Letter X help me out a little, please? I'm wondering what their policy is on accepted or declined work, and whether I should expect to hear anything--and when. The Web site doesn't say anything (that I can find) about it.

God sez: STOP!

To all the idiots on Henderson St

(Note: Meant to post this earlier, sickness intervened.)

I understand the need to cross sometimes when it's illegal, but sensical. So why did you, Mr "I'm so cool in my uniform", decide to cross when the light was changing so that the left-hand turn signal would go green just as you passed it? And you, why did you choose to walk across the no-crosswalk street just as traffic was coming in? Yes, I realize it's eight am, but I'm driving with a fever and I'm still more rational than you.

And the sad part is, if I had hit them, I would be the criminal.
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I think I'd like to buy a car.

I am 29 and have never owned a car... ever. Before living in Seattle I lived in cities with actual public transportation, where having a car was just a waste of money.

In any case, after living in Seattle for over 3 years, I'm going to buy. As I'm a novice, I'm looking for general car recommendations, but I'm also particularly interested in what dealerships I should visit (and which ones to avoid). Right now I am thinking I want a small hatchback of some sort, so maybe a Golf, Yaris, Fit (having the commercial with the mullet makes it appealing in and of itself) or something along those lines. I only need it for commuting (I have clients all over the Greater Seattle Area) but I would like to take a few roadtrips and what not as well.

Ideas? Suggestions? Tips?

And yes, I am really going to buy a car. I know about Flexcar, I already ride the bus, I take the periodic cab -- but it is time to purchase at my ripe old age. :)

ETA: Thank you in advance!