May 8th, 2006

  • aduxxx

Lube for bicycle chain.

Now that the weather is finally getting nice, I pulled my bike out of the garage. It hasn't been used in a while and there's some rust build up on the chain. Peddling is far heavier than it should be and the bike doesn't have hand breaks, so I want to make sure the chain is ok before I take her out on the road this Saturday. Anyone have suggestions about what kind of oil to use on the chain? Do I need to use an anti-rust product or will lubing suffice?

  • wesa

Things to do, part 2



Not so Cheap:

*Edit to add*
You can also do CityPass: All five attractions for $36 You are allotted 9 days from first use to see all the sights.

• Woodland Park Zoo
• Pacific Science Center
• Seattle Aquarium
• Argosy Cruises - Seattle Harbor Tour
• The Museum of Flight

Drycleaning Recommendations?

So the drycleaner I've been using for the last year or two has finally gotten on my last nerve (if I ask for front creases in my trousers, don't press them flat! that's so simple!) and has recently destroyed two of my man's sweaters and one of his dress shirts. Any suggestions on a fast and reliable drycleaner in Northeast Seattle? The drycleaner in question is the place that recently opened on Lake City Way @ 80th (next to the Diva Espresso--they're nice people, the folks who own the place, but OH MY GOD quit putting holes in the italian knitwear pls), and I've previously used Glo's and Sunshine Cleaners on 35th but wasn't thrilled with either of them.

Ideally, I'd like to find a drycleaner that will do volume discounts (7 pieces for $40 or whatever) and is somewhere in Northeast Seattle. Do you have a drycleaner that you love or know of somewhere that I should avoid?
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i am so excited about this i cannot wait until morning to go call various photofinishing places, in hopes of finding this one particular item.

does anyone know of any photofinishing places in seattle that may have 620 spools lying around? either ones they don't need/use, or would consider giving away (hopefully), or selling?

i tried to look on google, with no luck of finding some locally, and i tried ebay. there's only five listings on ebay, and all seemingly overpriced. if anyone might know of places i could try locally to obtain said spools, i'd be forever and eternally grateful.


(no subject)

Hey, could anyone recommend some good vintage stores in downtown Seattle? (with some sort of directions; I've never been.)

Or any other stores of interest, such as interesting boutiques, etc.

I know this is pretty vague, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.