May 7th, 2006

if you need help- please ask for it

As a parent of a 15-yr old girl, this makes me very sad

(from the Seattle times- today)
15-year-old jumps from bridge, dies

A 15-year-old girl from the Seattle area died Saturday morning after jumping off the Aurora Bridge in an apparent suicide, said Seattle Police spokesman Rich Pruitt. The girl landed in a parking lot beneath the bridge.

Teen Crisis info

Seattle Barrens

So by some awful twist of Google fate I came across this:
We got mothertruckin Yakuzas on this plane
Apparently it takes place in Seattle, and holy of holies, it stars Chuck Norris. Every Barrens-chat-like (if you don't know what that means, you probably have a more awesome sex life than me) thing I could say about this aside, I was surprised it takes place here. Do we have much of a mafia/mafiya/yakuza/triad/etc. presence here at all? Have we ever? I really hadn't thought we did. I've Googled (ugh, too many 'Shadowrun results) and asked around but I get very mixed opinions. Some say we have plenty, other insist it's like Seattle ghettos--they don't actually exist. Personally I've only run into a few mafia wannabes.

I'm curious. Do you think we have big organized crime groups here, and if so, which ones? Also, feel free to discuss this amazing film.

Grays Harbor Community College

In case you have not already heard of the current controversy at Grays Harbor C.C. Please pass this on to anyone who can help.

[Courtesy of] Kate

From: President GHGLBTS <>
Subject: [QTIIG] The Controversy at GHC. (Full History as of 5-5-06)
Hello My Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing this letter to gather some help, support, and
information. First let me introduce myself, My name is Jeremy Vaughn and I have
started the Grays Harbor College-Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender,
and Straight Students (GHC-GLBTS) at Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen,
Washington. We are a new club only three months old. And now we are in
the middle of a large controversy that has sparked up in our county.
Back in February I submitted the charter for the Gay Straight
Alliance that I have set up, and it was to be voted upon, I thought, on the
charters technical merit. Student senator Amanda Plumb Tabled the vote so
they could look over the charter, the fallowing week a vote was made on
the charter, 8-3 in favor of the charter.
when I took this news back to the members of my club they wanted to
know what was wrong with the charter that people voted against it.(this
is the first time a charter has not passes unanimously in the student
government.) so a question was posted on the Internet from one of the
members of the club asking why people voted against our charter. the post
also informed the student government that we did not care if they
posted a reply anonymously.
when we got a reply the senator that posted, again Amanda Plumb, said
that she would not post anonymously and that she could not vote for a
club that supports bad behavior. She went on to talk about how it is a
sin and our club should not be allowed on campus.

After seeing this on the message board, I made a point to go to the
Student Government to see what I could do about this ill will a student
governor has put on the message board. when I arrived for the ASGHC
meeting I was shocked to hear that the local paper was here to do a story
on it. During the meeting there was some discussion about the topic
where Student Senator Plumb said something to the effect of 'We would not
allow a pedophile club on campus'. and that kind of took me off guard.
I asked the student government what I could do about this issue and
they said I would have to submit a letter to the Student Review Committee.

After days of thinking about what I should do, I decided I would
write a letter to the student review committee, to ask that Student Senator
Plumb apologize for what she has said on the message board, and in the
meeting. I believe as a paid member of the Student Government that she
had no right to vote her bias on an issue that only asked her to vote
on the technical merit of the charter.

I received a call on the 26th of April at 730pm telling me there was
a hearing the next morning with the Student review committee, and I
could come and if I wanted to speak I could, if I didn't want to then I
didn't have to. I and another student went to the hearing. when we got
there the student review committee had a lawyer, and Student senator
Plumb had a Lawyer. then we, the other student and I, got instructions that
we would be asked questions on video tape about our letters. I didn't
have a problem answering questions about my letter if it needed
clarification, so I agreed. with this, the other student was asked to leave the
room, I was set in-front of the video-camera and interrogated from the
student review committee, the lawyer from the student review committee,
and the lawyer for Student Senator Plumb. when they finished asking me
questions the other student was asked to come into the room, and I was
asked to leave, when she was finished, she was asked to leave,
then Amanda was questioned. I find it curious that she was able to
hear all we had to say, however we did not get the opportunity to hear
what she, or one another had to say. when she was finished being
questioned, I was asked to once again come in to give a closing statement, I
told them I wish I had time to preppier. and they gave me 20 minutes. I
got all the information I had, the copy of the message board posts, and
some things she had written on and made a closing
statement. I was then asked if I have had any stress resulting from this
controversy, and if I have received any harassment from this controversy, to
both questions there is a yes answer.

On 5-4-06 I had a meeting with Dr Brewster who is the president of
the college, and he seems to have support for the club. He seems happy
that the club has been formed on the college. So it seems the President
is supporting the club. However the school will not get involved with
this controversy until it decided it has gotten too big for the Student
Government to handle.

I also talked to Edwardo with Lambda Legal in California. I was
informed that since Student Senator Plumb did not specify a person, or
specifically call an individual a pedophile there is not much they can do.
He did say that he would bring it up at the staff meeting and he would
call me the week of the 14th.

I write to you now asking to please send this to everyone you know
who fights for LGBT rights, to let them know we need help in Grays
Harbor. I don't know where this will go, I don't know what will happen. I do
know the Student review committee is still reviewing the case.

The newspaper articles are listed below.

Thank you,
Jeremy Vaughn
Grays Harbor College-
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender,
and Straight Students.
Grays Harbor College,
Aberdeen, Washington.

The Student Senator has backing from her church and the local
republican party, and has retained a lawyer for herself.

There are no local organizations here, we have a number for a local
PFLAG chapter but the number is disconnected. We are on our own so I am
calling for help. Please.
I need some guidance and some support...

The News paper articles can be viewed at
for April 4th, 7th, and 14th Some of the community me members have
written letters to the editor and those stretch from the 5th to the

the articles are titled as follows:
April 4th 2006 Controversy over gay club at college gets

April 6th 2006
Club’s leader calls for reprimand, not Plumb’s ouster

April 13, 2006
Gay club won’t file formal complaint

If you want to help you can contact me at the address listed, I hope
to hear from you, and thank you for taking the time to read this.