May 6th, 2006


broadway grill rant

my boyfriend and I go to Broadway Grill probably once a week. We go often..
Every time it seems that they look at us and place as at the worst possible table. Last night they tried to place us at the bar but I'm not 21. The host didnt seem too happy about that. We walked past two beautiful booths in the back room before he put us at a table in the back, sitting next to each other. What a romantic evening. Then our waitress took years to take our order, bring our appetizer and finally our food. It even took five minutes to get the dessert menu. We decided that might take another hour so we asked for the check and got the hell out of there. I love their food and the atmosphere is fun, but what's with the crappy service?
{HP} Hermione

writer's space

Alright. I've googled, checked the memories, and even posted to a few mailing lists to little avail.

Does anybody know of any type of local "writer's space"? By writer's space, I mean a place for writers where you can pay monthly or biannually to have a place to write and work that isn't a noisy/busy cafe/bar.

The closest I've found so far is Eulalie and Carlo Scandiuzzi Writers' Room and the SPL, but I'm looking for something much more casual, possibly with shorter time and contract committments. Alternatively, if there are no such casual workshop/writing/art/craft spaces, would there be anyone interested in finding an office space or small studio loft type thing to share as a workshop space, or, create a larger venue for others to join in? I have a great house, but I only have a small room in this house and it's not lending itself to creative endeavors very easily, and I feel I need such a space to force myself into a creative routine.

Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

hi, so im goin to be moving to seattle for university [UW].
does anyone know any laser hair removal places? i want to get it done but i dont know if theres anything of the sort in settle. if there is does anyone know prices? websites? results?


tanning salons

so i decided to try out tanning to not get burned/ and or get a farmers tan this year.

any salons you reccomend?
i've got one of those free cards for Planet Beach on Greenlake, any good?
the whole process freaks me out, but reading up, it doesn't seem worse than tanning on the beach.
plus i'm sick of looking like this. ish.


checked memories.
not paying you enough

kosher restaurants?

The memories appear to lack an entry on this topic: what are some good kosher restaurants in the Seattle area? Shoreline to Seatac, Kirkland to Renton. Vegan/vegetarian is okay (even good). Dazzle me, Seattle.

ghonorrea tests/treatment on Sunday?

I recently contracted what appears to be ghonorrea from an internet girl, which has become bothersome enough that I would like to get diagnosed (and perhaps cured) tomorrow, Sunday.

The various "urgent care" clinics don't appear to be open on Sundays. Must I really go to an ER? That seems sort of extreme.