May 5th, 2006


HR 4437/Immigration

Hi Seattlites -

I was wondering if anyone actually understands HR 4437 (Immigration Reformation) to explain WHERE it says that helping (aka food or water) an illegal immigrant is a crime for the person who helps. I have read the entire thing and it does not address the issue clearly. It addresses trying to get someone to come into the country, and harboring a known illegal, but that is not the same.

With the number of illegal immigrants we have in the Seattle area, I feel it is a good idea to be informed.

This is a genuine request but I can already foresee the snarkiness coming...
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Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club

Our Gov'nah

This morning on NPR, Gov. Christine Gregoir said a few sweet words about our new quarter and our lovely Mount Rainier. Something along the lines of:

"On a clear morning like this one, you can see Mount Rainier and it looks majestic. And there isn't just one view of it. The fantastic thing about Mount Rainier is that you can see it from everywhere in the state at certain points."

So, you can see it from everywhere but not everywhere?

Thanks, Gov.

Schooner Wawona, NPR, and the freakin' Parks Dept

Did anyone hear the KUOW (NPR station) story this morning about South Lake Union Park and how the Parks Department may DESTROY the Schooner Wawona (the big wooden boat alongside the park)? Ken Bounds is quoted as saying that the Parks Department will distroy the Wawona if it isn't moved. That guy is a tool. I'm getting sick of hearing about all the destruction that the Parks Department is taking on.

The Parks Department really knows how to piss people off. Taking down trees in Pioneer Square. Setting up for profit concerts at Gasworks. What next?

If anyone is as pissed as me here is how to contact the guy:
Superintendent Ken Bounds (206) 684-8022

If you don't know what I'm talking about here is a Library of Congress page about the boat:

Euros and Shiny Jingly Things: Where in Seattle?

No, I didn't check Memories because I am a lazy fart. I did check Google three times though, and read enough to know that this isn't a hot enough topic to have been covered ad nauseam recently.

I dimly remember reading of a business on First Avenue, or near there, maybe it was Western, that sold Euros, Gold and Silver, and foreign currencies. Does anyone know the business's name, street address, phone number, and Website?

The Comic Nerd Spams Again!!!

Don't forget that tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! Click to find your closest participating shop!

So far the only shop I know of that's doing anything *special* for Free Comic Book Day is Comic Book Ink in Tacoma with a costume contest, door prizes, passes to a free screening of X3, and Stormtroopers-a-plenty! But if by chance you can't make it down to Tacoma (like me *sob*), your local comic shop will also most likely be having all sorts of deals and specials going on all day long.

So stop by a comic book store! Get a free comic book or two, no strings attatched! Have plentiful litterature to keep near The Crapper in case of emergencies!
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The sun is out, cruise ships are back and, sure as snow melts, our fair-weather relatives and friends — and what seems like billions of cruise passengers — have begun their yearly pilgrimage to our fair city, beating on our doors, sleeping on our floors, mouthing the sightseer's ravenous plea: "I'VE GOT ONE DAY IN SEATTLE SO WHAT SHOULD I DO?" We are here to help you help them. We polled the Seattle Times newsroom staff for their favorite places in the city. There's not room to print all their suggestions, from shopping and bars to parks and museums, but here's a sampling. So pick one of our itineraries or mix and match from the lists and tips to create your own day plan. (From the Seattle Times Website)

The Market to the ID
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Museum of Flight to the Arboretum
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The waterfront and West Seattle
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Fremont to Ballard
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Seattle Center, Belltown and downtown shopping
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All that art and Capitol Hill, too
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We're seeing more comments about what to do while visiting Seattle this summer. Please comment wtih more suggestions and direct inquiries to this post. Kthx.
Wild Gaskarth

Wild Waves Map?

Hey fellow seattle-ites.

I'm hoping you can help me out. My Senior Class is going to Wild Waves and I am looking at their site, however it is not current/updated for the '06 Season yet.

I'm currently in need of a map or any information regarding entrances to the park. I know there is one where you enter through the Enchanted Village and I know there is a second by the Water that leads (Led?) to a picnic area.

Does this second entrance also give admittance to JUST the Water Park side or can you only enter through the Enchanted Village area? Also, When you buy your ticket is it for Both Parks?

Silly questions (More the second than the first) however, I would like to know this so I can be mildly prepared for this trip since I will not be attending our Grad Night Party the following evening.

Scans of a Map of the park would be appreciated.
kurt halsey

auto repair work

so, i got into a wreck last night and my front bumper was completely tore off. i think (hope) that's all that is wrong with my car but i since i'm not sure i really don't want to drive it too far. on that note, do you know of a reasonable repair place (for an estimate) in or near Capitol Hill that works on Nissan Sentras?

yup, i checked the memories.

(no subject)

Has anyone been to Neighbors on a Sat night lately? What's the music like? (The ads don't say.) My friends and I want to go dancing somewhere next Saturday night, and we're looking for something retro - like seventies/eighties/early nineties music. Where's a good place to go? Cap Hill is best, but we’re open to suggestions.