May 4th, 2006


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So.... Having missed my bus, I had to dig out the old car and drive to school at Seattle Central. I opted for street parking, since it was almost 6 anyhow, and parked in front of the unused Broadway entrance to Neighbors and the closed-down restaurant that is going to be a yogurt place or somesuch. I left enough room for the car behind me to get out, and because of that found myself about a foot into the loading zone for Neighbors. It was almost 6pm, so I figured it would be fine.

I come out at 9 to find that some wayward metermaid decided at 8pm to ticket me $38 for my courtesy to others. It was only my bumper that was in the loading zone, and it's not actually a loading zone since Neighbors uses the alleyway as it's only entrance, and I was in it so as to allow other motorists to be able to egress peacefully without damaging my car or others'.

Do you think I should go to court for this? Do you think a judge would dismiss it at frivolous or a de minimis issue, or find that the value of sane parking overrides 12 inches of unused but reserved curb? It really shouldn't be a loading zone. It's like ignoring a school reduced speed zone sign for a school that's been decommissioned or a stop sign for an intersection where the crosstreet is completely closed down.

What do you think?
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Watch yourselves

Police are seeking a suspect who have stabbed three people in downtown Seattle Thursday morning.

The first incident was at 9:30 a.m. at Third and Yesler, the second was at noon at Third and Pine and the third was at 14thand Minor.

In all three cases the injuries were not life-threatening.

Deborah Brown of the Seattle Police Department said police are investigating whether the three incidents are linked.

The suspect was described as a black male, around 5’7” with a thin build and very bad or no teeth. He was wearing a black knit hat. He was last seen westbound on Pine Street.


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i know tons of people ask questions about moving and neighborhoods and etc, so sorry for the annoying question. i checked memories and it didnt really have what i was looking for. I'm moving there in june/july and my family needs a 3 bedroom apartment. we need something less than $1400, which i know easily i could just search the web, but my mother is looking into des moines, seatac, and what she says is seattle but not the city. i would prefer to live in the city or somewhere with a lot of things to do, places to go. so the question is are these areas especailly the non-city part of seattle boring? and is there somewhere with excitement or innercity seattle where i can find a 3br apt or under $1400? we are not too picky about the kind of neighboorhood. also i may or may not have a car, is it reasonable to live around seatac and take the bus to seattle, or am i pretty screwed outside of seattle with out a car?


Does anybody know what is the schedule for the kiddie rides at the Seattle Center?
Tried going there several times, but they always seem to be closed and there is signs or anything :-(
Thank you very much.