May 3rd, 2006



I'm in a bit of a bind. I'm new to the area and I was wondering if there are any good distractions to get a girl's mind off a break-up? I've already been to Gameworks, downtown, and movies just aren't going to cut it.

Someone suggested the zoo... is there anything else more active and engaging that wouldn't be completely sad if someone was spotted doing them alone?

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Indie businesspeople...

Have a DIY business in the Seattle area? Looking for a group of like
minded geniuses to share ideas, inspiration, and support? Want a
gang that will help promote and market one another, share tables at
fairs, split ad space, and work for the good of the community?

Then, damn, it feels good to be a gangster!

The Seattle Craft Mafia is now forming.

DIY/crafty businessperson in the Seattle area, lots of ideas--all
walks of life, all genders, all crafts welcome. This
is a drama free zone.

Cruise on over to our temp Yahoo group at
Membership is closed. To be approved, please send an email to
spitkitten at hotmail dot com with the following information:
Your crafty business description
URL of shop or location of business
Years in business
Your general 'hood in Seattle
Over 21?
Any other comments

*Our first meeting will be this Saturday, so hurry on over!*

We look forward to meeting you!

Save the date ..

MAY 13

Anyone who has tried to make a drawing with a steel pen dipped in ink knows how difficult it can be. The penpoint (also called a nib) tends to stick in the paper and spatter, or drop its load of ink in an unwanted blob; or it may refuse to release any ink at all. Small wonder then that for the past fifty years artists who want to work in ink have been abandoning this difficult tool in favor of fine-tipped marking pens and other modern implements.

Does this matter? Yes, say The Friends of the Nib, a loose coalition of Seattle cartoonists who are doing their part to preserve the pen-and-ink tradition; it matters because the art of drawing matters, and pen-and-ink is a uniquely expressive medium. The Friends will display their own pen drawings at Cafe Racer in Ravenna from May through June.

The steel dip pen is a versatile drawing tool capable of producing an astonishing range of effects. The same flexible nib can be used to make delicate hairlines as well as expressive, fluid, thick-and-thin strokes. Most of the iconic line drawings of the 20th century, from Thomas Nast's dense, etching-like drawings of the Tammany Tiger to Charles Shultz's PEANUTS comics, were drawn with steel pens.

Local cartoonists participating include Bob Rini, David Lasky, Roberta Gregory, Tom Dougherty, Jim Woodring, Dalton Webb, Mark Campos, Kinoko, Jen Ralston, Scott Faulkner and Matt Rodriguez. Underground comix legend Justin Green will also contribute but will not be attending.

The opening party is on Saturday, May 13, 7:00-9:00 at Cafe Racer ( 5828 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, Washington (206) 523-5282). A learned discourse on pen technique will be delivered by Walter Foxglove ("The Smartest Artist") at 7:30, and pen and ink supplies will be on hand for those who want to try them.

WHAT: Exhibition of pen and ink drawings by Seattle cartoonists

WHO: Presented by Friends of the Nib and Cafe Racer

WHERE: Cafe Racer, 5828 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, Washington (206) 523-5282, two doors south of The Trading Musician

WHEN: Opening party Saturday May 13, 7:00-9:00. Show runs through June 15

May 2006 Dorkbot: Robotics You Can Use

Brought to you by Dorkbot - people doing strange things with electricity

WHEN: Tonight! Wednesday, May 3, 2006 at 7:30pm
WHERE: Center on Contemporary Art, 410 Dexter Avenue N, Seattle
ADMISSION: Free to all ages and species! Donations for COCA extremely welcome!
BOOZE?: Bar with 21+ I.D.

This month's Dorkbot, "Robotics You Can Use" is about what's happening in the world of robotics at the level where anybody can jump in, without needing a lot of money or expertise. But don't confuse that with simple! Come out and learn how you can create your own, and see some extraordinary robots! Feel free to bring your own robotic creations for opendork or to share afterwards.


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The evening will be concluded with actual robot combat!

Vet recommendation near Sammamish?

Okay...I have no clue how many of you are Eastsiders...much less live on the plateau (and I know the city is much more exciting). But just in case, does anyone have a recommendation for a vet near Sammamish? shows a couple near by, but I don't know anything about them:

VCA All Critters Animal Hospital:
This seems nice 'cuz the hours are longer and there's the hospital right there as well (which was something the Human Society recommended).
Cat Care Clinic:
This one seems nice since they specialize in cats.

I've heard bad things about the Sammamish Highlands Vet Clinic.

What's your opinion on the importance of having an animal hospital in the vet's office?

(I did check memories)
Memoirs of a Pain Junkie...

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[SEA] Cirko de Mayo::PURE Cirkus::Betty X::Naha::Fenix::Suspension

It’s time to celebrate El Cinco de Mayo cirkus style with the Virgin Mary hanging via shark hooks, acrobatic storytelling and clown history at:

...with PURE Cirkus, Betty X, Naha and The Bad things...

“Resist the urge to stay home!”


I know it's a little early, but does anyone know any events, demonstrations, interesting things happening or that will be sitting around on the solstice this year?

I know there's the Fremont thing, but I assume that will be on the weekend before or after the actual solstice. I have an idea for a photography exercise, and I'm looking for things to take pictures of on the actual solstice day (Wednesday, 6/21). It doesn't necessarily have to be something solstice related (whatever that might be), but I'd like some things to be.

One interesting thing this year, the solstice and the sunrise are very close to each other in this time zone--about 30 minutes apart.