May 2nd, 2006

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Having a Baby?

Looking for expectant moms willing to participate in a Birth Art case study. Commitment is 1 prenatal phone interview, 4 hours on a weekend of audio taped face to face work and 1 postnatal interview, plus the time to fill out paperwork. Email me :)
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Quarters & Beignets

First: The retarded whale only got 14%. Don't be a hero, Gregoire. Pick #2.

Second: Beignets (if you don't know). A few months back there was a P-I review of a Vietnamese cafe in south Seattle that made beignets, and as much as I like my café au lait, I immediately began to drool at the thought of beignets washed down with cafe sua da. Well, of course, months later I still haven't gone, and searching reveals the place (whose name I'd since forgotten) to almost certainly be Le Bambou. But reading the article this time around I catch the important bit that they only make beignets on Fridays. Which just won't work. So does anyone know of any Vietnamese places around Seattle that make beignets on the weekend? Searching Citysearch & the newspapers for beignets mostly gives two options, neither Vietnamese: Cafe Flora (which sounds too frou-frou for me; and while most love it, one P-I reviewer called the beignets "odd-tasting"), and the beignet place inside the Centerhouse (um, no). Any suggestions? Thanks.

Cheap workouts?

I'm looking for a cheap place to work out on or around Capitol Hill. Nothing fancy, of course. I'd like to do basic stuff and some weight training. A weight machine would be nice. I'm looking to avoid Gold's Gym type places. I like to do my sweating around as few people as possible.

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I need to go to the thrift store in south Seattle, Salvation Army? Goodwill? That charges by the pound. It's huge but I can't remember who it is or where exactly it is so googling is not helping.
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Puzzle Boxes

Long time commentor, first time poster.

Checked Google and memories, didn't find anything, so here I am. Anyone know where I could find wooden Japanese puzzle boxes within the city limits?
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Thursday, April 28

Hey all,

I was parked down on Ranier at 49th this past Thursday, and my car (grey '87 Volvo) got broken into. Whoever broke in took my backpack which contained my text books, schoolwork, homework, and journal from this past year. It's been a pretty big year, so I'd like my journal, if nothing else, back.

If anyone knows anything, or saw anything, I'd like to know. I know its a long shot, but I'm pretty attatched. I was parked in front of the Esquire club last Thursday while I was working at Tutta Bella. It was broken into between 6 and 10 pm that night. Any info helps.

And if, by chance, any of you have anything journal wise, and you don't want to face up to it, you can drop off anything you have at Tutta Bella, no questions asked. Thanks.

-Michaud Savage
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