May 1st, 2006

  • jsl32

upcoming seattle burlesque shows?

there was a moderately recent post about seattle burlesque, but i guess it was untagged, cos i can't find it. in any case, i'd like to attend some burlesque shows with guest(s) in the next couple of weekends, if any shows are coming up between this week and next week. or even if any are coming up for the month of june. any help on the matter most appreciated.


The march will begin at 3:30pm from St. Mary's church (corner of 20th & Jackson), but I suggest you arrive earlier if you wish to participate. If not, be warned that traffic should be a bitch today, so plan accordingly.

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first i checked the DOL website, then i called them where i was promptly put on hold for a full 20 mins before giving up, so then i googled, and then i checked the memories. finally, i have come to you dear folks.

does anybody know how long it takes to get a hard copy of a new license or state ID card? i know that if i go into the office today, they will give me the temporary paper copy, but this is no good in most bars (aka useless to a boozehound like me). so how long will have to be publicly sober before they mail me a hard copy?

edit: okay. less than two weeks generally. got it.