April 30th, 2006

What the FRACK
  • kaci96

Wanna see the sights?

Hi... I was wondering, what can a couple do for fun things around seattle on a weekend? We've thought of pikes place... wondering what cheap but decent motels exhist around there if any? Does anyone have any good ideas for a romantic getaway?? Need a good budget and not TOO far away!

is comcast the next enron?


i am so effin' through with comcast.

for over a month (in this apartment, and then several months in my last apartment) comcast has been giving me the runaround, making it seem as if it was MY FAULT that the internet service would sporatically go down for HOURS at a time... (causing me to try several routers/cable modems) and combine that with the fact that its the location of my building (capitol hill, bellevue north of denny) that the "local channels" have ghosting and fuzziness... meaning that i would get better reception with rabbit ears on ABC and NBC than i would with their service (unless i pay higher for digital).

come to find out, that the packet dropping on the internet service has been a HUGE problem for comcast over the past month in capitol hill, but there has been no "public announcement" to its customers, and instead i've been paying full price for intermittent (at best) "blazing high speed service".

obviously... i am not happy.

i am okay with getting rid of cable tv (especially since rabbit ears will work better, apparently)... but i will still need high speed internet here. can others recommend alternatives to comcast? i dont have a landline, and really dont want to, and i was under the impression that DSL/qwest requires it. I dont know what other companies provide this service in Seattle, but if you do, please let me know.
whale awesome

Dear seattle;

ICGATM, and i need more personal information regarding pizza.
i am looking for two different pizza experiences, that ideally would come hand in hand.

Shaky's, or something a lot like it. Dark decor, video games, red plastic cups, drink in pitchers, graveyard sodas from the serve yourself fountain, table pac-man, salad bar, the kind of place you'd take a little League team after a game (dare i ask for an old man playing a huge pipe organ?).

pizza that i consider good. thinner, crispy crust that is still soft (not at all greasy). heavy on the cheese and light on the quality sauce.

i mean.
i love pagliacci's but it seems to suffer the same fate that all really good local pizza does (crust too thin, not enough cheese).

on a funny side note, i found a place in Brookings Oregon that combines both of these requests.