April 29th, 2006

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Any Local Drummers available?

Ok, so my band Civita (pron. cheh-VEE-tah) is in a bit of a dilemma. Our drummer got an invite to attend The Berklee College of Music out in Boston and will be gone for a minimum of two years. So we're looking for a replacement. I've posted all the details in my journal (here) so that I could post this message in all the communities I belong to and not clog up anyones flist pages. If you're curious about our music go to http://www.myspace.com/civitaband for your listening pleasure. Thanks for your time, and any drummers out there looking for a good gig, please come check us out.

~Paul Mayden
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Have drug dealers gotten stupider?

Attention, drug dealers:

If someone standing next to a professional landscaper and talking about the grass turns down your "cleverly coded" offer of a dime bag for sale, it doesn't mean she actually thought you were offering to mow her lawn. Nor does it mean that the professional landscaper is actually a competing drug dealer. It means no I don't want to buy any of your goddamn drugs, go away you stupid fuck and let me work on my roses in peace.

I swear to god the U. District dealers have gotten dumber, and quite frankly, I didn't think that was possible.
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Global Night Commute

(x-posted to my journal)

I haven't been following the community lately, so I apologize if this has been hyperposted lately, although I skimmed through all the recent posts and didn't see anything.

Tonight, 800-some of your fellow Seattleites (at my last count) are commuting by foot or public transit to Greenlake Park at 7:00 p.m. to show support for the children in Northern Uganda that have been kidnapped and forced into bloody service for the rebel army in that region. Currently, thousands of children have been brutally forced into this service, and thousands more leave their homes every night to commute en masse into their local cities, where they sleep on the streets in large groups or in basements and alleyways, trying to avoid kidnapping by the army.

The website explains the idea better than I do, but basically across the world people are going to do the same thing, at a designated location (ours is Greenlake) and we'll make art projects and camp out all night. It's just the cost of bus fare for you, but I really encourage you all to register at Invisible Children-- you might have heard about it on Oprah the other day.

Hope to see you there!

Kitten available for immediate adoption


Spunky was originally known as Small as he was the runt of the litter and was an itty bitty thing. However, what he lacked in size, he more than made up for in spirit. I took him to the vet to have his eyes checked out because they were getting crusty and sealed shut. Vet said his eyes were fine, nothing serious. However, the vet had to re-evaluate previous statements she's made while examining this 0.4 lb kitten....

"When my daughter was one month old, she had an eye infection and gave me SUCH a hard time treating her that I said that it would be WAY easier to treat a comparatively-aged animal. I was wrong! Holding him is like trying to hold a caterpillar!"

Spunky has been growing in size once he discovered his love for kitten formula and later 9-Lives chicken-in-a-can. His favorite place is sitting on your lap looking up at you. He's nine weeks old as of today.

He loves to play "Toss the Kitten" - I gently toss him into his cat bed and he'll pop up a few times before dashing all over the place and then back onto my lap ready to be tossed again.

He's a black short-hair with a few white hairs speckled here and there. Mother is a tux and the father a brown tabby.

I'm fostering this litter and Spunky is the only one that hasn't been claimed yet. The owner asks for a $20 adoption fee and the kittens come as-is.

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Lunch Meeting Place?

Where is a good restaurant a group of four people could meet for a 1PM lunch meeting on a Sunday? It needs to have decent food, be quiet enough that we can carry on a normal conversation, and let us sit around and talk for awhile without hurrying us out the door. Bonus points for Greenlake/Wallingford/Ballard/Fremont area. Thanks!
Floating Head

Looking for a drinking establishment

Sure, there are lots of bars and clubs and assorted other places with booze in Seattle. But what I'm looking for is a little more specific. I want a bar, as opposed to a restaurant, and it needs to be someplace where they serve a good selection of Irish whiskey and Scottish scotch. If I could have a few other things on top of that I would like someplace which is on the quieter side of the usual roar you find in most bars (though not too quiet), and someplace with fairly comfortable seating. So what say you all? Does such a thing exist here in Seattle?
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40 gallon tank

40 gallon tank, 36" x 16" x 15" glass with some wood trim on top and bottom. Very sturdy, never used. Originally gifted to me for my tortoise, I found that it's safer to keep a tortoise in a short enclosure than a deep one. Great for reptiles or fish, though there is no top included.

Online, acrylic versions sell for $180 or more. I'm giving this away for free, as long as you can come pick it up. Located on Capitol Hill.

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doctor's exam table for sale

I am moving to Chicago, and as such have to get rid of some of the fun things I've collected over the years. My excuse is that I am a photographer, which apparently is a license to amass a large collection of useless junk.

Item #1 - doctor's examination table. I'm asking $400, but am open to negotiations. It's big, it's heavy and it's in Tacoma. If you want it, be prepared to have several strong friends and a vehicle big enough to hold it.

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redheads do it better

attn parents - little people toys

i think its safe to say that my kid had nearly every single fisher price little people toy that was ever made. that said, they have not all survived the last few years (im sure a few of them are buried in the backyard somewhere!), but most have. we have a huge bucket of people / animals / random parts, as well as several of the larger playsets (barn, garage, zoo, etc). we are moving and they are NOT coming with us! please take them off my hands!

$25 for everything