April 28th, 2006


horn players needed

we are creating a drum & brass band with a new sound -- acoustic West-African-jazz-trance-carnival music.
it's an acoustic ensemble of W. African percussion (djembe and dunun), wind instruments, and voices, to play in festivals, parks, street parades, or political marches, sometimes with dancers & fire performers — blending elements of West African, North African, Afro-Caribbean, New Orleans, jazz, funk, hip-hop, & carnival music.
we've got a solid drum crew but we need seattle's most fabulous horn players to join us!
if that's you, e-mail me at: iamkatia@gmail.com

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TV for sale

27" RCA Color TV (no remote, but works with a univeral)
It's older but works great! Got a bigger one need to get rid of this one.
Would like to get rid of it soon!

$50 obo, cash only, might be able to deliver within a reasonable area

Located in Ballard

x-posted in buy/sell
we call out for those that make us feel

flea markets

where are all the good flea markets in seattle? not farmer's markets, or most other seattle weekly markets, but the true rummage/flea markets?

back when i lived in new york, churches and schools would rent out their parking lots/recess lots to tons of different mom&pop vendors for BIG flea markets every saturday and/or sunday. there were tons of great finds, all across the board, with barely any overpriced items. i've been to the fremont market a few times, and while there are some vendors that sell old, weird, kitschy stuff, most (if not all) the items are overpriced. there's also quite a presence in crafter's booths, and booths that sell new items. i don't have anything even remotely against those that sell crafts or new items, but i like to be able to rummage around old finds, and things long forgotten at traditional flea markets.

i know there's the midway swap meet, and i've heard of the drive-in in everett having the same thing, but what about everyone else?

ps - there's nothing in the memories about this. i found a few seemingly promising leads in Google, but most all of them are nowhere near seattle.

(no subject)

There is an injured opossum right outside my front door. It seems so early for it to be out rummaging! Especially where I live which is a busy area.

Animal control is closed.

What should I do? Who do I call?

I am too squeamish to go outside.

gray woman

May Day

Anyone know about family May Day celebrations in or near Seattle?

I heard about the Morris dancers celebration at Gasworks already, that is too early in the morning for my tastes. I am looking for a general outing, with a maypole and maybe some activities.